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For a very long time I have not wanted to say anything about the dirty ethno-strangling and stupid politics indulged in by the present Isekiri aristocracy. If the Ireyeniejus of this world want to play civilized and impartial or what they foolishly called detribalized politics to get Ijaw block vote, they are in for a shocker. The Ijaws will always disappoint them at the eleventh hour. I can bet my life that no matter which politics they play in the House of Reps, they will never have a taste of the Senate. Consider –
·         Ibori shifted Warri South West LG Headquarters from Ogidigben to Ogbe-ijoh.
·         He created artificial CDCs – Community Development Committees.
·         He created and instituted illegal wards.
·         He was quiet while they were killing Isekiri, to please Urhobo and Ijaw.

When this same Ibori wanted to make his Isekiri  brother a governor, the whole Urhobo, Benjamin Okumagba, Ekeh and a host of others fought relentlessly to ensure that Uduaghan did not emerge. It took Ibori the might of the whole state to be able to put his senior brother Uduaghan in office. Do you have Ibori’s might? I laugh at you.  

·         Uduaghan continued with Ibori’s wrong policies
·         He gave more powers to CDCs.
·         He gave a staff of office to Ovie(Pere) of Gbaramatu
·         He succumbed to EPZ Ijaw magomago. If not for people like Chief Ayiri Emami, Chief Omolubi, etc, places like Kpokpo and Kantu would have been lost to Ijaws today. He was quiet throughout the hot politicking of the name of the Maritime University and of the Deep Sea Port. Yet Uduaghan’s candidate Obuh could not win the Governorship, Uduaghan himself was disgraced in the Senatorial primaries.  Why? Uduaghan has not the might of Ibori! Those with thinking should meditate. Isekiri don’t give birth to fools, they are only being wicked – Atuwatse II 1992.

I now come to the present leaders who think they can get the Senatorial and the House of Reps from the Ijaws by selling Okerenghigho. I repeat the Ijaws will totally disappoint the Isekiri leaders who think that by selling Okerenghigho in the House they will gain positions. I pity you all. Will they do more than Ibori who allowed Isekiri to be slaughtered; will they do more than Uduaghan who betrayed the Olu and all Isekiri by giving a stick to the tenant King of Gbaramatu? I bet You Uduaghan was a coward he was not at all detribalized. If he were detribalized, he would have also given a stick to Benjamin Okumagba. At least Okumagba had a possessory title, while the Olu has the radical title, but Ovie of Gbaramatu is a complete tenant. Uduaghan knew that Isekiri could size Okumagba, but could not size Ijaws.

What Ijaws should ask for

I am writing all these for the sake of peace.  Ijaws should not be deceived by Isekiri any longer. If the Isekiri are signing off Gbaramatu, they should sign it off properly. Let not one group of Isekiri come with some fake documents and another group of Isekiri come back tomorrow with litigations that will destroy any arrangement made by leaders of today, either out of greed, ignorance or self aggrandizement.
·         Omadino elders and youths should sign that they no longer own Gbaramatu.
·         Olu should endorse that signature.
·         All other Isekiri villages should endorse.
·         Isekiri and Omadino should renounce all the cases they have won.
·         There should be an ofo by Ijaw and Isekiri on this matter in Omadino and Ode-Isekiri.
·         Brikimo and Egbesu should be sworn side by side to effect this truce.
·         Ijaw should sign an open paper that they will be giving the senate seat to Isekiri.
·         This should be televised and given to the government UNO etc, and Ijaw should be free from Isekiri ‘tyranny’.

Why all these

·         Isekiri leaders will be disappointed by the Ijaw.
·         Future Isekiri will rise up to say the bargain by the present leadership headed by the Uduaghans and Ireyefoju is not binding on them.
·         Future Ijaw will rise up to say that they are more than Olu so they should be rotating the traditional council in Ode-Isekiri with the Olu.
My brothers, and sister, fellow Isekiri, some wicked admins will be bribed to remove me from Isekiri chat rooms because of this warning. But when we see that Ireyefoju fails his election, then people will know that I have fore sight.   

Warning to Ijaw
If crocodile can eat its own eggs, what will it not do to the flesh of a frog? If Isekiri leaders can be selling Isekiri to get your Ijaw votes, do you think Isekiri love you, or they have become wicked to an extreme? When Ugbokua collaborated with Tompolo to sell land, did the Olu not report to Osinbajo that the Ijaw are ‘impostors’? When ibori and Uduaghan did their evil Mathematics against Isekiri did that prevent another Isekiri Rita Lori from litigating against most of their political gimmicks?

Isekiri think
Anyone who thinks he can sell his father land for a pot of porridge is never respected. Esau was a very good man; Jacob was evil and a fraudster – 419 man. Yet, Jehovah blessed Jacob, because he kept his father’s heritage. Esau was cursed for destroying his father’s heritage. Are these people really Isekiri with these wicked acts and arts. Let us not become like the sons of Esau who are cursed beyond measure, let us follow our Jacobic anointing. A time will come when all those selling Isekiri today will die, and hot stones will be hurled at their descendants the time is ripe. Yes, the Ijaw and Urhobo will soon ask for the head of the Olu, yes, they will soon do it if the Omadino, the palace and the Isekiri National Council not renounce in totality the wickedness, foolishness, selfishness, greed, shortsightedness of the so called Isekiri Detribalized and thievish leaders. The time to work against these demons is now. Fellow admins if you are advised to remove me from any chat room, fine and good, I will start releasing my articles to the Urhobo, Ijaws and to International Journals. Isekiri cannot remain under the control of tyrants. Enough is enough.

Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu (St.Ifa)

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Isekiri Deprivation and Marginalization: A Case Study of Tertiary Institutions in Delta State

Isekiri Deprivation and Marginalization: A Case Study of Tertiary Institutions in Delta State

Isekiri ethnic group has been greatly marginalized in Delta state of Nigeria. Every student of History is abreast with the fact that the Isekiri ethnic group produced the first graduate in Africa south of the Sahara; in the person of Dom Domingos(Atuwase I) the Olu of Warri (Joseph Kenny 2003). Isekiri king (Antonio Domingos) the son of Dom Domingos wrote the oldest surviving letter by a Nigeria, the letter was dated 20th Nov. 1653(P.C. Lloyd 1957; Talbot 1927; Ryder 1969 etc).
Warri and Aboh were the only two kingdoms in the Niger Delta (Ikime 1969; Alagoa 1989; Talbot 1927 etc). With this great History, it will be amazing to note that Isekiri ethnic nationality with its fame as the oldest kingdom in the Niger Delta (1472)(Egharevba, 1948) a Bini man; Ikime (1969)(an Isoko Professor of History) , older than Aboh(1650)(Elisabeth Isichei, an Igbo woman), has little or no place in the tertiary institution of Delta state.
The Maritime University to be cited at Okerenghigho(Okerenkoko by Ijaw vandals) is purely in Isekiri .
  Okerenghigho ( Okerenkoko by the Ijaw) where  the Maritime University is situated belongs to Omadino Isekiri. Suit No. W/30/1962: CHIEF E. E. SILLO & 2 ORS (for themselves and on behalf of Omadino people) vs. JAMES ULUBA & 2 ORS (for themselves and on behalf of Okerenghigho people is a clear testimony to this fact. With this declaration by the highest court in the land, the Nigerian Senate still went ahead , attempting to rob the Omadinos of their land in favour of the their Ijaw tenants, as against the court pronouncement.  If not for the court , the hope of the common man, where on earth do member of the house of senate want the Isekiri man to go to for justice?
          Consider the Petroleum University (Effurun). Is this not a wrong nomenclature? Because Effurun is   declared by the Supreme Court of Nigeria in suit no S.C. 98/1993, as tenants to Gbolokposo (an Isekiri land under the overlordship of the Olu of Warri). According to the judgment, Ugbomro is part of Ugbolokposo land. Every Isekiri land makes up the Warri Kingdom. Therefore, it is wrong to refer to the site of the University as Effurun or Ugbomro or any other Urhobo name, other than Gbolokposo or Warri. Ugbomro, Okwatata, Okufoghore… having boundary with Kerekere stream in present Okpe LGA, including Osubi Airstrip etc are parts of the land owned historically and   won  legally by Gbolokposo. We are magnanimous to allow their pocket ‘king’ remain in the land, as a show of love and concern towards our fellow human beings, neighbours and tenants. If not no king was there historically.  It will be proper to obey the laws of the land in order to live in peace and harmony. We should also render total obedience to the Nigerian Judiciary (Court). This is because it is where every wise and matured man goes to, to seek redress.
          Lastly, for the now, we look at Delta State Polytechnic, ‘Otefe’. This is another anomaly by the Ibori Regime. When he ( Ibori) was governor, he conscripted, for reasons best known to him, the land of Efurokpe(Isekiri) people and used it to build  a state owned Polytechnic and named it after an Urhobo village. Ginuwa I served UmaleOkun at Efurokpe(1472AD , Moore 1936, Omoneukanrin ,1948). But Oghara people came into existence between 1800 and 1850, when they were work hands for Olomu and later Nana of Isekiri (Miller Intelligence Report, 1923?)
 Claims by Isekiri Nationality
1.   Maritime University should be named as Okerenghigho , the rightful and legal name, rather than Okerenkoko, an Ijaw imperialistic name. Compensation should be paid to the Omadinor people. Isekiri sould take their proper 2/3 as stipulated by all the judgments quoted between Omadinor and the Ijaws – that is 1/3 to Olu in Council, 1/3 to Omadinor and 1/3 to Ijaw of (Gbaramatu –Ijaw tenants).
2.   The University at Ugbomro-Effurun, should reflect the proper name of Gbolokposo.
3.   The Otefe Polytechnic should be named as Efurokpe.
4.   Isekiri should have all compensation as per employment, admission  as the real catchment area of the Higher Institutions.  


1.   The president, Aso Rock, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2.   The Executive Governor, Delta State of Nigeria.

3.   His Imperial majesty Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ooni of Ife
4.   Alaafin of Oyo His Majesty Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi II
5.   Olugbo Oba Obateru Akinrutan
6.   The Royal Palace – Mahin Kingdom
7.   Lenuwa of Ode-Omi  His Royal Majesty Oba Adenuga Okuniyi, the Lenuwa of Ode -Omi
8.   Attah of Igala His Majesty  Idakwo Ameh Oboni-
9.    Shehu of Bornu His Majesty Alhaji Abba Kyari
10.       The Palace of the Aku Uka of Wukari
11.       Olu of Warri His Majesty Ogiame Ikewoli I
12.       Chief Abdul-Ganiyu Adams – Leader of OPC – Oodua People’s Congress
13.       The Official Palace of the King of Ga.
14.       All leaders of Lucumi temples in Cuba, Haiti, Brazil etc.

Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu (St.Ifa)
And Taiye Emmanuel Amatesiro (Elite)


Re-Ijaw Imperialism in Warri Kingdom: On Deghele Declaration We Stand ... Warri Scientific History and Literary Society a branch of Yoruba Scientific History and Literary Society…. All Yoruba , Hear

Re-Ijaw Imperialism in Warri Kingdom: On Deghele Declaration We Stand  ... Warri Scientific History and Literary Society  a branch of Yoruba Scientific History and Literary Society…. All Yoruba , Hear

Introductory: From the year 1996, when the Ijaw National Congress (INC) started its onslaught on Isekiri, Ijaw atrocity has moved from anti-climax to climax – when, with the abysmal support of the Delta State Government, headed by the MILAD Col. John David Dungs, the Ijaw began its inclination to wipe out the Isekirian race from the face of Nigeria.  This continued to the time of Feghabor, who, with the ado that was adequately militaristic, effected the destruction of a big fraction of Warri and her environ, 1999 – a malice that he (Feghabor) successfully ventilated on the 29th day of May, 1999, subjecting the Oil Dune of Ugborodo to smoking ruins! That a day before the said destruction, he illegally conferred titles on the tenant Gbaramatu clan against the whims and wishes of the Olu speaks well of the malicious inclination of the Ijaw-Government Entente! From then, Ijaw has become like a raving lion in midst of the sheeply Niger Delta area. Misera Nigera Delta – Miserable Niger Delta!
          That Ijaw as a people, had before now, lived without any land of their own or means of sustenance except pirating and human rituals in the W Delta is witnessed by the reports of Debry (1601), Alagoa (1977), Alagoa (1972), Ikime (1995; 1969), Kenny (Online in Honsbira and St Ifa 2015), Captain Leonard (1926), Moore (1936), Ryder (1965) etc.

To go further into the discourse, it is imperative to hint the world on the origins of the Ijaws and Isekiri, the W Niger Delta in view. This is a venture to intimate the world on the truth concerning the issue of landlordism and tenancy, again, these two contestants in view. In the process of doing so, we shall link all our facts to history, neutrally impartial history – since the authority to be sited are going to be predominantly non-Isekirian; except where these cannot be avoided as in the Rule of Cultural Immortality of Honsbira. Among these historians, also, shall be Ijaws and those in the Ijaw privy to the Ijaw agenda: Ikime, Ediyekio, Alagoa, Tamuno, for example.
About 15000 years ago, a group of proto-Yoruba Isekiri-Igala(PYIG) broke off from the ancient men of the Middle Belt of Niger-Benue Catapult and settled down at Iwo Eleru in present Ondo state, i.e. in SEY which Isekiri and Ilaje belong (Hole of Ashes) (Omolewa 1986; Olubunmi 2007) and due to favourable genetic mutation, emerged somewhere in the Middle Belt of the present day Nigeria to forge a civilisation that extended to the extreme West (Omolewa, 1986; Shaw, 1965).     Thereafter, about between 9000 and 1500 years ago, a faction of this group moved to the Niger Delta area of Warri and her environs, owing to, not only the said genetic mutation, but also to the rule of Liminality and Social Osmosis – that people, close or far apart, are always in links, on the one hand, and that people tend to move from areas of higher concentration to those of scantier concentration (Honsbira 2015: 7; Kupers 2011:14). Thereafter, also, a group from the civilized Ancient Egypt also came, following the final conquest of Egypt at the Battle of Actium (30 BC). The productive culmination of the blend of these people produced the present Isekirian language, a sub-Yorubic language with Ife, Oyo, Ondo, Igala, Olukumi, Ebu, Ilaje, Ikale, Ekitti, Ijebu, Iyeghenle, Ibadan, Ogbomosho etc as kindred peoples.
It is in cognition of the above, capped with the sociological equation of the Isekiri and the tenant peoples, the British Crown concluded a treaty with the Isekiri people, covering from the Benin through the Remos to the Pennington River, determining the boundary of Isekiri with the Nembes. (See the Counsel Hewett and Nana Treaty, 1884 (Honsbira and St Ifa, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015a,2015b; Ikime 1995; Ifediora, 1999). This treaty demonstrates the tenancy status of the Ijaws of Egbema, Gbaramatu, Ogbe-Ijoh, Saba, Iduwini, Odimodi, Gulani, Ekremor etc to Isekiri. Although Obaro Ikime contends (1995) the Isekirian Power over these places as only “de facto, not de jure,” he couldn’t say why and how. Challenging the racial inclination of Ikime, Ifediora, an Igbo, says it is de jure, not de facto. Who is right, Ikime or Ifediora? The issue of the treaty entered into by the Ijaws with Royal Niger Company, and the order of the British Crown that this be torn for being treacherous and false answers this question.
Proving the ancientness of Isekiri and the Warri Kingdom, juxtaposed with the Ijaw and others in the W Niger Delta, the Warri Scientific History and Literary Society, a branch of Yorubic Scientific History and Literary Society, diving into the dim past, has discovered some 2000 Isekirio-Yorubic words that are identical with the Ancient Egyptian, some of these, these. Happy Yoruba!    

Water God
Ipi (Hippi)
Ipi (Isekiri)
Brought from Egypt
Common word
Common word
Egyptian origin
Egyptian origin
Living Person
Brought from Ancient Egypt
To wish for to beg/wish
Ube(to plead for)
Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian
Black Image of Osiris
Egyptian Origin

Few centuries ago, Ijaw started showing up in the W Niger Delta, from the E Niger Delta where from Ikibiri (Alagoa, 1977, Ediyekio, 2005), this spread towards the W Niger Delta. The entry is said to have occurred about the 17th century A.D (Talbot 1927; Alagoa 1977).

Proofs of the Isekirian Ownership of Gbaramatu/Ogbe-Ijoh
Scientific proofs: There is no archeological fact in the Gbaramatu/Ogbe-Ijaw areas that suits the 2000-year existence being claimed by Ijaw to support their aboriginality in the Warri lands. There is none pointing beyond the 19th century, either. INYC challenges Ijaw to bring anything beyond 19th century in Gbaramatu and Ogbe-Ijoh enclaves! Whereas, hundreds abound in Isekiri: The Warri Pyramid (Sagay, Undated; Roth, 1903), The Ijala Royal Cemetery, The Olomu Pillars of Ebrohimi (Honsbira and St Ifa 2008, Mr. Ikechi Uko, Tuesday, September 05, 2017  ) etc. However, there are few things the Ijaws can boast of as artifacts: looted beads and gold and ancient utensils from Europe from Obonteghereda, Deghele, Jakpa, Ode Isekiri, Ugborodo, Omadino etc as they, in league with the Delta State Military Administrator (1996-1997), invaded these communities (1997).   
Legal Proofs:
The lands in and around Gbaramatu in Warri belong to the Isekiri people. The following among others bear eloquent testimony to this fact (1) case No: CA/B/230/2010 CHIEF THOMAS EKPEMUPOLO& 4 ORS VS. GODWIN EDREMODA & 5 ORS. Suit No. W/30/1962: CHIEF E. E. SILLO & 2 ORS (for themselves and on behalf of Omadino people) vs. JAMES ULUBA & 2 ORS (for themselves and on behalf of Okerenghigho (2) Suit No. W/29/51 (3) SC/294/70. Pronouncements from legal pundits, all over the world are the real determinants of ownership; but in spite of this fact, the Isekiri tenants of Gbaramatu, undermining these pronouncements, still profess the ownership of these lands, destroying lives and property in the process.    
Ogbe-Ijoh:  In the Same way as in general Gbaramatu, the Ijaws of Ogbe Ijoh have suffered a lot of defeats in the hands of the Warri kingdom in their attempts to reciprocate the ownership position in Warri and its areas: this same land, forming a part of the subject matter in Suit No. W/48/56: Chief Izoukumo Olioki & 5 ors vs. Itsekiri Communal Land Trustees “in which the Ijaws of Ogbe-Ijoh sued the Itsekiri Communal Land Trustees for a declaration of title” the Ijaws were declared tenants to the Warri Crown at the Supreme Court (Suit No SC/450/1965).
That is not all. Goaded into legal insanity by the Ijaws, the Urhobos burst into action against their Isekiri landlord and lost to the Warri Crown at the Privy Council in London (1933) in the  Ometa vs. Dore Numa (No. 25/1926), a case between the Agbarha-Urhobo (Agbassa) (represented by Ometa) and the Itsekiri (represented by Chief Dore Numa). Out of shame from the Isekirian defeat of the Ijaw-Urhobo imperialistic alliance, the Ijaws sued Isekiri in the case with the suit No. W/48/56: Chief Izoukumo Olioki & 5 ors vs. Itsekiri Communal Land Trustees, suing for a declaration of title to land. Facts and history decided the case in favour of Isekiri, SC/450/1965. In fact, arising from the non-necessity and non-complimentarity of the action of Ijaw to the truth of history, the Ijaws were stopped from further litigating against the Isekiri in any part of the Warri kingdom, including the areas they then occupied. Why are all these? What are the determinants of the Isekirian domineering locus in the W Niger Delta?

The Science of the Isekirian Racial Superiority
There are genetic factor that made/make Isekiri, a sub-Yorubic group, superior to all others in the black world (Honsbira and St Ifa, 2015a, 2015b; Olubunmi 2007). These among others are (1) Counter Melanone Metastasis Gene (CMMG) (Olubunmi 2007: 69). Then, there is the Neanderthal Gene which gives the Yorubic race, including Isekiri, a better use of the speech, civility of speech, so to say (Ian Morris 2010). This is typified by their application of the Ifa Oracle (Manfredi, 2005 in Honsbira and St Ifa, 2008).
Another thing is this. The Yorubic Race, the Isekiri, one of this, lacks a gene that reduces IQ by 20 points in the other Negroes, Ijaw inclusive. This gene mutates in the gene controlling Malone malnutrition, and their formation and pattering (Keratrin Cluster near 17 q 12 and FLD 6) (Dallas Morning News, USA, in Olubunmi 2007:71). Also, the Isekiri as a member of the Yorubic race possess LARGE, a gene that prevents or reduces Lassa fever (Prof. Christian Happi, These genetic findings, and perhaps more, make the Yorubic races to be the more sophisticated than other ethnics. In the Savannah, the Oyo, Nupe, Borgu and Igala are more sophisticated than their neighbours; in the forest Ife and Ijebu are more civilized than their neighbours. In the Niger Delta Isekiri are the most sophisticated (Ikime 1969; Ifemesia 1978 Alagoa 1989). Domineering Gene!

Kingdom Versus Kingdom: A Scientific Analysis
At this conjuncture, it is pertinent to prove which is a kingdom and which is not with the view to proving who the aggressor is as the Warri ownership crisis or the Warri Question goes. This is necessary in face of the fact that however poor/weak a kingdom is, it cannot be a vassal to a non kingdom, at least, as far as History goes. In fact, again, at least, a kingdom would have been remembered by History! Or did Isekiri influenced/forced History to forget Ijaw kingdoms?

Proofs of the Locus of Warri as a Kingdom in the pre-Ijaw Days of the W Niger Delta.
Following are some of the points supporting the status of Warri/Isekiri as a kingdom: In 1620, Pedro da Cunha wrote in the “Ad limina report,” saying “Besides these three islands, there is a town of Christians on the continent in the kingdom of Warri, called St. Augustine, because its people first received the Faith from religious of the Hermits of St. Augustine. One of them, called Brother Franciscus a Matre Dei, baptized the present king at the time he was still a prince and successor designate. He gave him the name Sebastian, after the then king of Portugal…” this king was the Olu Atorongboye!
Furthermore, in the same document, Warri was, in a different sense, referred to as a kingdom. Hear it. “... In the kingdom of Warri, also called that of the Forcados Rivers, “… now I am pressing his Catholic Majesty with regard to the collectors of revenue from the island of São Tomé, who travel and trade for … This also shows that the kingdom as a sovereign state engaged in international trade with far away Sao Tome and that it included the whole Forcados River!

In a letter by the dean of Sao Tome, prevailing in the shelf of the Warri Scientific History and Literary Society, 1-6-1604 Petrus Fernandez Barbosa, Dean of São Tomé diocese: Report says: “The diocese of São Tomé consists in the same island of São Tomé, the island of Principe, the island of Anno Bon, and the kingdom of Warri. Each of the said islands has one place inhabited by some Christians. “This is by direct knowledge” since the reporter personally visited the Warri Kingdom.

          That is not all, either. In a letter written by the king of Portugal, King Phillip gives Domingos a Scholarship for Coimbra, This prince of Warri was referred to as a prince, the king as a king and the land as a kingdom! Here is a portion of the letter. “I, the King, declare to those who see this letter of mine, that, since I had Dom Domingos, son of the king of Warri, come from his land to study in Coimbra, and I have ordered him to be received in the college of the St. Jerome religious, which is in the city of Coimbra. I have decided that as long as he stays there to study, he should have from my account 200,000 Reals annually … This letter shall have the force of a document etc.” This is the first time anybody from Africa south of the Sahara was ever given a scholarship in World History! (Guinness Book of Record, take note).
          Nor is that all! In a letter written by the king of Warri to the Papacy, 1653 AD, it is clear that Warri, ever before the advent of the Ijaw in the W Niger Delta (for the Ijaws had not come to this area before 1600 (Alagoa, 1977) in Honsbira and St Ifa (2008: 55), was already a kingdom of equal international locus as those of Europe!  The reference of the Olu to himself as a sovereign went unchallenged by the Pope who immediately responded to the letter in a letter, “20-11-1653 The King of Warri to the Pope.” The Olu had written: “Most Holy Father and Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth: I am the Christian king and my kingdom is on the same coast and borders on that of Benin. Only my own kingdom is called Warri and has stayed a long time without disinterested ministers to propagate the Faith in my kingdom…”
          Another point to substantiate the ride of Warri as a kingdom as against the rest in the Niger Delta , save Aboh ( Ikime, 1969), the following is inviolable, from a letter by the State Council of Warri to the King of Portugal, 3-2-1675 State Council to King of Portugal. “The king of Warri writes to your Highness in his letter of 20 October 1673 that the chapter of the island of São Tomé had neglected to send him priests to preach and teach the Catholic Faith in that kingdom and that none has been sent for over ten years to take care of those faithful souls, …” this Warri King was King Abejoye!
          This fact, most bitter to the Warri contestants for glory, is further buttressed by a letter penned by another WARRI King, Dom Lewis II. The letter reads “By the grace of God, King of Warri. Since this kingdom of ours, Warri, has always had a shortage of ministers, … like sheep without a shepherd, never having had any effective pastor except an occasional Father coming every few years, since also many years have passed since any has come to administer the most holy sacraments of baptism, confession and other things, and therefore … we have come to know that in the city of São Tomé there lives a certain Italian Capuchin Father called Francesco da Monteleone …”The writer of these lines was the Olu Akenjoye.
          Local Proofs of the Warri Kingdom Locus before the Ijaw Advent in the W Niger Delta.
          In the W Niger Delta, between A.D 900 and 1850 A.D, Warri was already interacting with the E Niger Delta, interacting with Nembe, especially in Basamabiri where the Ogidigan deity, from the Oroke quarters of Warri was planted, Kalabari, especially Soku-Selema , Orusengema and Kula; they were also in the Udekanma area – in all these areas, spreading Isekirio-Yorubic religion,  Ogbia, president Jonathan Goodluck’s place, where the Isekiri Agidigan is corrupted as Ogidika  ( Alagoa 1972; Alagoa 1977;Ediyekio, 2005) and Bonny where they dropped the Ekiba deity  . Also, when the Portuguese came to Warri Area in 1472 (Ojelabi 1970; Conton 1979), the Isekiri as the only people in the W Delta, were the people that took them to Ugborodo area where the first slaves in the history of the Triangular Slave Trade, were taken in Nigeria, 1479 (Conton, 1979). Thus, the naming by the Portuguese of the Ugborodo River as Rio dos Esclavos (Escravos) owed much to this interaction in the Ijaw pre-invasionary days.  
Proofs of Gbaramatu/Ogbe-Ijoh as Kingdoms.
The Warri Scientific History and Literary society, instituting enquiries into this question, has spent twenty years looking for facts in favour of this contest and arrived at a zero finding! Thus, the world waits for the Ijaws, in their response to this discourse, to give the proofs! Or was the “kingdom” of Gbaramatu using an older name at the time of the colonial documentations of the histories of the kingdoms of Nigeria? Was/is Isekiri more coastally than Ijaw, making the Portuguese and British writers notice Isekiri, and failing to get to where the Ijaw was? If “Yes,” was Ijaw more northerly than Benin, Ife, Bornu, Bidda etc? Or did the same Nana whom the Ijaws accuse of tearing their treaties in the 19th century order the Spanish, the Portuguese, the French etc not to document Ijaw history which they purport as glowing even before Christ? The world awaits answers to these questions.

1.    The Maritime University: Okerenghigho-Okerenkoko Controversy.
          The proposed Maritime University to be sited there must go by the name “Okerenghigho,” the name given the land by our fore-fathers even before the arrival of the Ijaws; not Okerenkoko, the imperialistic name given it by the Ijaws in the bid to reciprocate the ownership facts about the land.  (See the section, Legal Proofs above). The INYC is not against a university being sited there, even if they are twenty! But the proper name we gave to our land over which we have won many Supreme Court cases must be used. Our 2/3 allocation to lands and all royalty from all external interaction in Gbaramatu must be given to Isekiri. For the court ruling says the Olu must have 1/3; Omadino-Isekiri 1/3 and the Ijaw tenants of Gbaramatu 1/3. The question now is: “where is the 2/3 land purchasing money the Federal Government gave to Tompolo and co. This is a job for the EFCC.

2.    Location of the Warri South West Local Government Headquarters Controversy.
By the Federal Government official Gazette of 1996, the headquarters of the Warri South West Local Government Area was/is slated for Ogidigben. But using the huge oil proceed from our own land, the Ijaws, in league with Col. J.D. Dungs, effected its change from Ogidigben to Ogbe-Ijoh. And in the consequent controversy that ensued, armed with the help from the state Government, the Ijaws burnt down over sixty-two Isekiri towns/villages, killing not less than 500 persons in the process. As the unprovoked invasions took place, the Isekiri, who had hoped on government intervention, anticipated the intervention of Government, which Government had armed the invaders to the teeth! For almost twenty years, Isekiri has waited for Government to correct the wrong by bringing back the local government headquarters to Ogidigben. Alas, there has been no action on the part of Government: state and Federal!
In addition, the over 62 villages occupied by the Ijaws through the Warri Crises in which the above named were destroyed, are still occupied by same, and to the smiles of the government.

Our Position 1     
The Maritime University
The Maritime University should go by the name Okerenghigho-Omadino, not Okerenkoko, if the university must be sited on our land.  We want a university on our land, but not to the detriment of losing same to our tenants. If the Government, out of the traditional fear of Ijaw for their treachery, killing, burning and lying, wants to credit the Ijaws, should site the university in an all-Ijaw land – perhaps anywhere in Bayelsa State! We shall attend the ground-breaking ceremony!

Position 2
The Local Government Headquarter-ship
Until the Federal Government official Gazette, pointing to Ogidigben as the headquarters of Warri South West Local Government Area, is visited, and it justifies the relocation of the headquarters from Ogidigben to Ogbe-Ijoh, we shall resist the position of the Ijaws and Ogbe-Ijoh as the headquarters, moving to the right location to operate as a local government. Our members of the Warri Local Government House shall also stage an exodus to Ogidigben, as they await electoral materials for Warri South West to come directly to Ogidigben from the Federal Axis.!
Before the smuggle starts, while we prepare for same, we shall intimate the UNO, all human right organizations and indeed, all our fellow Yorubas in W Nigeria, those in other parts of Nigeria (Olukumi, Ebu, Nupe, Igala, Kanuri, Jukun and the world at large (Itaparica, Tobago, Cuba, Haiti Jamaica, Benin Republic, Ga in Ghana, Freetown in Sierra Leone). (A map of the Yorubic peoples of Nigeria and beyond shall be out in our next publication). If the various Ijaws groups who cannot understand what one other speak, can come together only for the purpose of annexing Isekiri to the proposed Ijaw Republic, why cannot the various sub-Yorubic groups, who can understand one another do the same? Or shall Yoruba stand akimbo watching Isekiri absorbed into Ijaw? Then where is Pan-Oduduwa, Afenifere etc? Where is the effect of the Law of Cultural Immortality and its Pan-Yorubicity (Honsbira, 2015)?     

Consequences and Counter-Consequences
The above situation in view, we the Warri Scientific History and Literary Society, feeling that it is in consequence of the above glory of Isekiri, which the Ijaw lacks, that the three-group alliance was instituted against Isekiri, 1996. This materialized into the Warri Crises (1997). The Warri Crises materialized into the general Niger Delta Crises (1997 till date). The Niger Delta Crises encouraged the Boko Haram Intransigence (in which over 15000000 lives have been lost). When Ijaw unleashed terror on Isekiri, Government was indifferent, which indifference produced and encouraged their occupation of over 62 Isekirian villages! Some of these are (1) Ubikpara in Urejusinsin, (2) Ubilikperi in Deghele, (3) Abiteye in Deghele, (4) Sabashi in Ebrohimi etc.

What must be done
All the above, considered, we want to hint that until the anomalies outlined in the Deghele Declaration are normalized and the burning questions,  answered in their proper perspectives, the Warri Scientific History and Literary Society, fed full with disgust, shall fight with critical tenacity to produce orderlessness in the Niger Delta area, suing to the Hague both the Federal and Delta State Governments for 500 trillion USA Dollars for supporting genocide, calling for dismembershipping of Nigeria as we are one of the only 5 signatories that formed Nigeria.  The Oduduwan Republic shall be actualized in reaction to Ijaw imperialism in Warri.
 In reaction to the Ijaw tendency to loot and kill, using a lion-stance posture on History, nodded to by successive state government, we have decided to ventilate our grievances through any means, including blood-letting, supremely spurred on by the spirit of the Deghele Declaration. Deghele, in the Isekirian Cosmo-Visionary Theology, is a legendary woman that would weep to no end in seeking one lost hen out of thousands. Thus, the Deghele Declaration, the hob on which the weight of this article rest, could be defined as the drive in Isekiri to fight to no end in the effort to resent the unfair treatment of Isekiri by the Ijaw-Government Entente, since 1997.
The Youths, male and female, of the Warri Kingdom employ this medium to express their desire that we, the Yorubic people of Nigeria, from Warri Sierra Leone, as well as all others in the map promised, should prepare themselves for the struggle to be free from Ijaw imperialism.

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1.    The president, Aso Rock, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2.    The Executive Governor, Delta State of Nigeria.

3.    His Imperial majesty Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ooni of Ife
4.    Alaafin of Oyo His Majesty Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi II
5.    Olugbo Oba Obateru Akinrutan
6.    The Royal Palace – Mahin Kingdom
7.    Lenuwa of Ode-Omi  His Royal Majesty Oba Adenuga Okuniyi, the Lenuwa of Ode -Omi
8.    Attah of Igala His Majesty  Idakwo Ameh Oboni-
9.     Shehu of Bornu His Majesty Alhaji Abba Kyari
10.           The Palace of the Aku Uka of Wukari
11.           Olu of Warri His Majesty Ogiame Ikewoli I
12.           Chief Abdul-Ganiyu Adams – Leader of OPC – Oodua People’s Congress
13.           The Official Palace of the King of Ga.
14.           All leaders of Lucumi temples in Cuba, Haiti, Brazil etc.

Agharowu E. E. (Honsbira) and Olomu A.O.O. (St.Ifa)
(of  Warri Scientific History and Literary Society),