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Singing Billy Ofesi

Singing Great Billy Ofesi: The Great Deltan Icon
Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu (St.Ifa)
In writing in Great Billy Ofesi : Sung, I deem it necessary to acquaint the world with the verities of my mind .The state of my  mind is joy ; and this cannot be made known through any other means, unless lines or verses – Poetry. It is only in this way that my mind can be seen as a picture; for poems, it is said, are mute pictures.
                    In this wise, not even all genres of poetry shall serve the purpose, for some poems, formless, are not different from prose, after all. Why such writings call themselves poems, I cannot say! We pray to neutralize the woe on prose writers calling themselves poets!
                    One genre of poetry will be used in this regard. It is well on the slates of my mind. How they are written there, I do not know, either. All I  know is that I am copying these lines from the slates of my  mind – ancient, rare. They are trochaic metres – the form of Twinkle, Twinkle, little star.
                    The opinion is infectious in some quarters that despite being a political guru,  OFESI is really a humane human being, a philanthropist and a man of peace.  He stands in the assembly of the greats with –  Philip Emeagwali, Sam Itse Ebido, Gabriel Okara, Clark J.P, Chris Okotie, Barrister Smooth, Austin Okocha, Kaine Agari, Chief Charles Obule, Hon Monday Ovwigho Igbuya, Samson Siasia, Agbani Darego, Helen Prest, Julie Coker, Professor Fola Ebisemiju Sam Amuka, Chief David Omueya Dafinone, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion (Esama of Benin Empire) and Chief Gabriel Mabiaku are some of these, other people in the caliber of  OFESI.  I dare to make a book of songs for the great Billy of Okpe kingdom, because like all these listed he is great. Apart from the greats he is human and peaceful.                     
Olomu Oghanrandukun Augustine Oritseweyinmi (St.Ifa)
Dedicated to all true lovers of peace and development, worldwide.
I am greatly indebted to the following, for their contributions, in one way or the other, to the successful completion of this work.
1.                 Eyebira Agharowu (Honsbira)
2.                 Comrade Omolubi Newunwumi
3.                 Engineer Victor Kojo Wood
4.                 Dr Godwin Toritseju Ebosa
5.                 Rexon Golly(Prince)
6.                 Emmanuel Kpenose(Comrade)
7.                 Hon Gbubemi Kpenosen
8.                 Mrs. Margaret Taghanrose  Ichibor
9.                 Comrade Laoye Sanda
10.            Alhaji Adegboyega Arulogun
11.            Dafe Ejagbaivwen
12.            Daniel Christmas
13.            Felix Aminoma
14.            Harry Ejovwi
15.            Comrade Tony Omabuwa
16.            Baba Omojola (Comrade)
17.            Barr Otarigho Edeki
18.            Johnson D A O
19.            Nanna O J (Hon)
20.            Simeon Meyiwa  Brikkin(Atsoborun)
21.            Oseni Danjuma
22.            Abilavi Gaga (Princess)
23.             Fidelis Ebosele
24.             Apostle Atigbiofor Atsuliaghan (an Egyptologist)
25.            Evang. Godwin Okoh Etuwewe
26.            Kenneth Ekwejunor
Wave one
1   Ofesi   is man of peace
Ofesi   is man of peace,
Ever jolly, ever bright;
Put on him the Golden Fleece,
Follow him and see the light.
Peace is cheerful, peace is fair;
Purest joy will light our path,
Building mansions truly fair,
Curbing all the Devil’s wrath.
Let us sing of peace and love,
Love is peaceful blowing breath;
Fair and pure as morning dove,
Brushing off the hopeful death
Ofesi  is man of faith,
Kind and gentle, true and pure;
Cutting all the evil wraith,
Healing hearts with ideal cure
2 Delta no dey carry last.
“Delta no dey carry last”
This is what we always know
Sing a song of golden blast,
 Ofesi  is man for show.
Delta is a place to stay,
Happy people: happy race,
Follow me and see her sway,
Ofesi  is smiling face.
Delta is a land of hope,
People flourish; projects flow,
Do not stand and grope and mope,
Come to Ofesi  and grow.
Delta is a plenty land,
Fatty foods adorn her lap,
Oily gas and tourists’ sand,
 Ofesi will show the map.
3 Deltan tongue
Sing a song with Deltan tongue
“Delta don dey carry first”,
Sing her loud and play the gong,
“Ofesi  go cure your thirst”.
Sing a song of Naira rain,
Mix it up with living mirth,
Do not fake the path of vain,
Smiling faces cure the earth.
Sing a song with living bell,
Every day is happy day,
Do not live in dreadful cell,
Ofesi will dance and sway.
Sing a song of trumpet’s tune,
Living love will heal the land;
Raising up the ancient rune,
Ofesi  will have the wand.
4     Prow the boat
Prow the boat of living East,
Let it move the path to West;
Lighting men and lighting beast,
Bringing on the unction best.
Prow the boat of heaven proud,
Moving so from clime to clime;
Walking so to jumping  crowd,
Prow the boat with sweetly rhyme.
Prow the boat that lifts the earth,
Smartest eye of proudest view;
See him sing the living mirth
Sinking down like healing dew.
Prow the boat that lights our hearts,
Muster it with gentle blows,
Parry swords and parry darts,
Ofesi  his kindness shows.
5    Stepping on
Stepping on and stepping up,
Life is gentle, life is kind,
Have a dine and have a sup;
Deltans share a goodly mind
Stepping up and stepping on –
Life is merry, life is sweet;
Catch a glimpse of happy sun,
Deltan smiles are sugar beet.
Stepping up and stepping out,
Life can be a lasting bliss,
Do not shrink in wasteful doubt,
Delta’s heart will send a kiss.
Stepping up to greater things,
Life can be a perfect place;
Fly you on with angel’s wings,
Deltans’ clan is cheerful race
6    Cure our hearts
Cure our hearts with laughter sound,
Sowing seeds that go around.
One for people, one for love,
Let love rain like heaven’s dove.
Cure our brains from idle sleep,
Welling up from sorrows deep –
Come for people, come for peace;
Let love walk like wisest Greece.
Cure our eyes from wicked tear,
Tearing souls with reckless tear,
Stand for comfort, stand for joy;
Let sweet passions be our ploy.
Cure our hearts from idle walk,
Moving us to reckless talk.
Stand for business, stand for time,
Great Billy is man on prime.
7 Peace and Hope
Smother me with peace and hope,
Wake me up above the cloud;
Climbing up the golden rope,
On the march to beat the crowd.
Slaughter me with swords of peace,
Wake me up from things beneath;
Stepping up to take my kiss,
On the race to stop the sheath.
Murder me with axe of faith,
Wake me up above the wraith,
Stepping out to success sure,
On the race to meet the pure.
Murder me with living love,
Wake me up at stars above;
Swimming free in richest sea,
Ofesi is guiding me.
8   Happy May
Seasons come and seasons go,
Fruits shall bloom like happy May;
Seasons come and seasons flow,
Show the light and smiling way.
Seasons come and seasons flow,
Blossom on with living seeds.
Seasons come and seasons go,
So we speak in different creeds.
Seasons come with living lamp,
Sowing seeds and brightest flower;
Seasons come with breathing stamp,
So we feel its lovely power.
April blooms with verdant grass,
May appears from bounty cloud,
August comes with plenteous mass,
Ofesi  will pull the crowd.
9   Come and see
Come and see a happy man,
Walking with a perfect plan,
Constant now and merry, too;
Come and drink his gladsome dew.
Come and see a happy smile,
Perfect teeth in gentle file;
Lighting lamps to show the way,
See his love as bright as day.
Come and see a merry face,
Shining on the human race,
See his face with brightest light;
Curbing all the works of night.
Come and see the smiling moon,
Reaching you with sweetest boon;
Life will grow with great approve,
Ofesi  will be the move.
10     The Form of Peace
Peace is now in human form,
Walking down the merry street;
Sharing silver; sharing gold,
Bringing love to human fold.
Peace is now a smiling face,
Singing songs to heal our hearts,
Fluting Psalms in purple lace,
Sowing faith in precious arts.
Peace is now a human wink,
Stirring love upon our lives;
Writing songs in guiltless ink,
Curing ills when tensions rise.
Peace is now a human voice,
Touching hearts and touching minds,
Let us make a proper choice,
Sing Ofesi  from the blinds.
Peace is perfect
Peace is perfect, peace is pure,
Bringing love and bringing hope;
Climbing up to success sure,
Bathe yourselves in peaceful soap
Peace is ever joyful song,
Full of flavour, full of mirth;
Healing earth with lovely gong,
Peace will truly heal the earth.
Peace is shining ray of soul,
Blazing free and blazing fair,
Calming souls from pole to pole,
Washing all the evils bare.
Peace is balm to cure the mind,
Rubbing on the hearts of men;
Healing lame and curing blind,
Bringing same to wisdom’s ken
2   Love in human form
Love is garbed in human form,
Truly perfect, truly sweet;
Fully versed in human norm,
Making all our passions meet.
Love shall work with human tools,
Hammers, spanners, pinchers, too;
Mending wise and mending fools,
Bringing all to moral view.
Love shall walk the human way,
Princes, rulers, sagely kings;
Every one shall have her say,
Singing songs in happy flings.
Love is now a living lute,
Always dinning happy songs;
Piping songs from sweetest flute,
Ofesi  will right the wrongs.
3 Love shall heal
Love shall heal from gross decay,
Eating spirits, eating flesh;
Goading souls with careful sway,
Saving all from hopeless mesh.
Love shall heal the bloody hands,
Tearing hearts and tearing brains;
Squeezing men with evil bands,
Drenching them in sordid rains.
Love shall save from awful mouth,
Eating men at dreadful bite,
Biting North and biting South,
Saving all from Mount to Bight
Love shall save from poking nose,
Pointing East and pointing West;                                           
Staffing knave and stabbing boss,
Ofesi  will do his best .
4 Sing the former days
Let us sing of former days,
Then a young man in his prime;
Moved his steps in glorious ways,
Dancing to a gentle rhyme.
Let us sing of days gone bye,
Tebu  was a gentle town;
Tall with fame that reached the sky,
Splendid with a kindly crown.
Let us sing of days of old,
Bendel  was a peaceful place,
Splendour filled her common fold,
Walking down in purple lace.
Let us speak of days of yore,
Naija was a place of pride;
Full of love and living lore,
Ofesi was quite inside.
5 Peace in Naira rain
Peace is lively, peace is calm;
Healing souls with Angel’s balm
Soft and gentle to the mind,
Singing songs with unction kind.
Peace is goodly, peace is nice;
Cutting dance in goodly slice,
Cool and charming to the soul,
Grading selves to faultless whole
Peace is perfect, sure and sweet;
 Growing free like smartest wheat;
Curing all the sordid deeds,
Filling earth with angel’s seeds
Peace is now a person’s face,
Walking with the human race;
Peace will surely heal the blind,
Ofesi is such a kind.
7 Peace is faultless
Peace is faultless; peace is sure;
All the days and all the time,                                                         
Peace will speak in colours pure,
Healing earth with sweetest rhyme.
Peace is lovely, peace is kind,
All the period day and night;
Peace will cure the ailing mind,
Singing hymns in colours bright.
Peace is primest, peace is dawn;
All the eras bye and bye
Peace shall wash like sweetest lawn,
Making souls to touch the sky.
Peace is living, peace is life,
All the seasons come and gone,
Peace shall cure the hateful strife,
Making success glow like sun.
8 Cure the vices lodged in man
Cure the vices lodged in man
Seizing hearts like evil plan,
Love shall cure the evil eyes;
Lustful with some evil sighs.
Cure the sadness soaked in hearts,
Stabbing like some hurtful darts,
Joy shall cure the hearts of men,
Lustful for the evil ken.
Cure the sorrows heaped in necks,
Itching like some useless wrecks;
Faith shall cure the sordid frowns,
Lustful for some selfish crowns.
Cure the sorrows of our fate,
Holding eyes to evils great;
Peace shall come in human form,
Ofesi shall show the norm.
9 parallelisms
Life is such a walking stealth,
Death is much a fervid lie.
Grow in health and richest wealth,
Living life from land to sky.
Falsehood grows in head of tales,
Truth resounds in tiny words,
Grow in love that never fails;
Love shall fly like comely birds.
Want is always dry and bare,
Treasure is a pretty queen.
Grow in love like joyous fare,
Love shall grow like setting sheen.
Peace is such a faithful wealth,
Ever growing, ever strong;
As we grow in youthful health,
Ofesi  will sing his song.
Beauty rallies in my dream,
Flowing down the lazy stream;
Things of love shall ever live,
Prodding lands that seasons give.
Pretty things we long forgot,
Lost in artful beauteous plot;
Things of hope will ever sing
Songs of love with smartest fling.
Stunning days like healing balm,
Sung by bards in ancient Psalm;           
Songs of faith will always win,
Drinking wine and angels’ gin.
Goodsome days are here and now,
Read a sermon, take a vow;
Lead the masses, lead them well;
Ofesi  will ring the bell.
2 Time will go
Men will go and times will pass
Many men of yester years,
Lying on the waning grass,
Will not rise to heal our tears.
Men shall go, but deeds remain;
Many men of ages gone,
Lying on the golden lane,
Will not rise to fill our fun.
Men shall go, but peace is due;
Many men of ages past,
Lying on the olden dew,
Shall not rise to hoist our mast.
Men are born, but truth is made;
Men of truth shall guided the day,
Voiding bribery, voiding raid;
 Ofesi will pave the way.
3 Loving kindness
Loving kindness, always true,
Come and show your face today;
Face of faith in loving blue,
Cure the ills that rule the day.
Loving-kindness, always sweet,
Come and show your breathing smile;
Smiles of peace in music meet,
Cures the hearts of willful rile.
Loving-kindness, always great,
Come and show your peaceful face,
Smile of peace that cures our fate,
Cures the weary human race.
Loving-kindness, face of love;
Come and do the works of peace,
Show your face like heaven’s dove,
Ofesi  will wear his fleece.
4 Virtues
Goodness walks the peaceful way,
Walking grand in measured steps;
Sounds of love and radiant day,
Ever grace his living peps.
Patience walks the faithful street,
Walking true like heaven’s lamb
 Not disturbed by sheep’s bland bleet
Ever cogs to stop his calm.
Loving-kindness, ever so,
Walking down the lonely lane;
Heaven’s fields that angel’s sow,
Ever comes to make him sane.
Golden seeds with gentle fleece,
Walking down the faithful road;
Hearts of men that flow with peace,
Sing Ofesi as an ode.
5 The senses
Let the tongues that know him sing
Songs of love that never end,
Smiling songs of lively ring,
Ever comes in sweetest blend.
Let the eyes that see him view
Things of joy from heaven sent,
Goodly things in joyful lieu;
Fall on hearts with sweetest scent.  
Let the minds that know him sense
Success sure in golden light;
Peaceful songs of good essence
Wrap our dreams in sweetest night.
Let the hearts that feel him see
Joys of hearts that never fail,
Wonder tongues of honey bee
Sing Ofesi  in their tale.
6 Earth shall know peace
Earth shall be a peaceful place,
Yielding fruits of plenteous joy,
Sowing seeds of proper grace,
Not disturbed by human ploy.
Earth shall be a gracious home
Races born of different hue,
Made of varied clay and loam,
Sing your songs in faithful lieu.
Peace is everlasting love,
Fair and sweet, still sweet and fair;
So we see the sweetest dove,
Trading grand in lovely fare.
Earth shall be a song of peace,
Bringing love to heal the land,
Sing a song of royal fleece,
Shaking Ofesi  by hand.
7 Holy ground
Let us look for holy ground,
Place that rings with sweetest sound,
Calm the sorrowed, calm the sad,
Love shall make them really glad.
Let us sleep like little child,
Dreaming dreams in music mild,
Cure the heads in evil frown,
Clothing them in cherub’s crown.
Let us climb the sacred tower,
Raising eyes to living power;
Climb the stairs that lead to peace,
Walking proud like ancient Greece.
Let us rise above our pain,
Rising up to holy rain;
Let the good of Delta flow,
Ofesi  will run the show.
8 True desire
Seek a life of rare desire,
Serving time and serving men;
Come to life with passion’s fire,
Safely as the sweetest wren.
Seek a time to cure the blind,
Filling them with goodly light;
Let them know of actions kind,
Filling souls with pretty sight.
Seek a mind to heal the lame,
Giving crutches, so and so;
Let them know the handsome name,
Filling minds with shinning glow.
Seek a heart that heals the soul,
Putting things in proper place;
Delta knows a perfect role –
 Ofesi will show his grace.
9 Days of yore
Days of yore we sang your name,
Minding all your olden fame,
We recall the days gone bye
Singing you to highest sky.
Days of old were special days
Beaming still in glowing ways,
Hearts recall your glorious voice;
Ringing clear, Sapele’s choice.
Days gone bye we till and tell,
Losing men from fitful cell;
Souls recall the words of truth,
Raining on the Deltan youth.
Days of old are here again,
Chasing all the works inane;
Delta gives a happy prize
When Ofesi’s voice did rise.
1 works of love
Works of love and glorious note,
Soaking down the lonely hearts;
Sprouting fruit like merry oat
Splendid in the costly marts.
Works of joy beyond belief,
Sinking in the human soul;
Sowing seeds of sweet relief,
Marking sands like Jesus’ sole.
Works of faith that hearts will seek,
Drenching down the lonely mind,
Sowing joy that cure the bleak,
Flowing as the times assigned.
Works of peace like blooming May,
Flowing from the deeds of man,
Man that walks the childlike way,
 Ofesi will show the plan.
2 Ever since birth
Ever since the day of birth
Life is laughter, life is mirth;
So we walk the land of joy,
Cheerful as the smiling soy.
Ever as the times run bye,
Seasons coming far and nigh;
So we smile with freshest teeth,
Taming down the Devil’s sheathe.
Ever since our eyes awake,
Seeing all that humans make;
Works of mercy sweet and kind,
Cleansing hate in earthly mind.
Ever since we knew your name,
Doing works without a blame;
So we know you as a friend,
Raising friends to glorious end.
2 Once I heard
Once I heard a glorious tune,
Ringing out a sumptuous rune;
Piping songs beyond compare,
Falling on the beauteous fare.
Once I heard a lovely flute,
Singing love in language mute;
Ever silent as the bell;
Rising down the sating well.
Once I heard a peaceful song,
Dinning from a lovely gong;
Sweet and clear to smartest ear,
Taming all the hearts that fear.
Once I heard a lovely name,
Playing such a righteous game,
Voting fair and voting right,
 Ofesi is come with light
3 From page to page
Read your verse from page to page,
Read it clean and read it loud;
Look for hero, look for sage;
Stand apart from idle crowd.
Read your Hymn from ancient book,
Sing it gentle, sing it cool;
Sing the Hymns at calmest brook,
Let it stir like loving pool.
Sing your Psalter with a harp,
Ringing with a living bell,
Swimming free like gentle carp,
Hearing bell in fainting knell.
Cymbals chant your living rhyme,
Canting names that sorrow fear;
Sing his name from clime to clime,
 Ofesi will cure our tear.
4 Heaven’s Bow
Heaven’s bow in colours bright,
Ever jolly, ever kind,
Showing all its glowing light,
Clearing all the works unkind.
Morning sun like smiling joy,
Cleansing souls and clearing eyes,
Showing love like smiling sun;
Brushing all the empty sighs.
Swimming moon like living hope,
Moving free above the cloud;
Skipping nights without a grope,
Swimming in the even proud,
Joy is such a brilliant star,
How I wonder how it glows;
Now on earth the heroes are,
 Ofesi  has slain the foes.
5 When the orchards bloom in May
When the flavours bloom in May,
Breathing lives in active spray;
Some shall merry, some shall rile,
Taking men from evil smile.
When the verses touch the earth,
Fruiting songs from scenting trees,
So will happy souls in mirth,
Sing their chorus from the lees.
When proud Summer greets your face,
Springing fruits in Winter’s lease;
So shall Autumn run a race,
Blowing us with goodly breeze.
When the sea with tidings rise,
Blowing air with healing salt;
So shall passions reach the skies,
 Ofesi is healing malt
6 Seek the meek
Seek the lovely heart and meek,
Cute as honey, prized as beet;
Seek a heart beyond compare,
Ever lovely, ever sweet.
Search for peaceful soul and pure,
Pure as honey, brave as youth;
Seek a soul with angel’s cure,
Ever peaceful as the truth.
Seek a way without a doubt,
Sure and simple, true and through;
March along like faithful scout,
Seeking success brave and true.
Seek a leader short of vice,
Doing works to suit the clan;
Seek a man with speeches nice,
 Ofesi is such a man.
7 Days shall come
Days shall bloom like fruiting spray,
Fruiting seeds with April’s zest;
Sparkling seeds like seraph’s ray
Crest her breasts with golden vest
Noon is splendid, noon is fine
Shedding seeds and breeding fruit;
Such a blameless love divine;
Sings her praise with tender flute.
Eve shall come with blanket cool,
Cooling souls from shrinking cold;
Bringing them to healing pool,
Washing still the human fold.
Time shall treat the eyes that pry,
Shedding tears and shedding blood,
So that tongues that sway and lie;
Run and flee Ofesi‘s flood.
8 Zone
Zone the nation, zone it well;
Put each ethnic in a cell;
Some for colour, some for hue;
Wear her in a happy view.
Zone the nation, zone it sure;
Let each party has its cure,
Some for purpose, some for show;
Dress her in a merry glow.
Zone the nation, zone it blest;
Let the people have their rest,
Some for comfort, some for sport
Take her to the gladsome port.
Zone the nation, zone it now;
Every tongue shall take its vow,
Take your resource – have control,
Billy , Billy  play your  role.
9 The silver line
Silver line above the cloud,
Fairest rose in thorny crowd;
Sitting in a cheery pose,
Singing songs of cheerful rose.
Silver line above the sky
Purest gold beyond reply;
Standing proud among the stones
Spreading wealth like lavish loans.
Silver line above our clime,
Peacock’s prime upon our time;
Flaunting feathers, flawless bright,
Chasing far the darkest night.
Silver line above the cloud,
Rarest prince among the crowd;
Sowing acts of comely seeds
So Billy performs his deeds.
1 Music soft
Music soft upon your face,
Playing gently, playing slow;
Let us make her jingles glow,
Falling on the human race.
Music soft upon your soul,
Flowing softly from your pipe,
Glowing still like mango ripe,
Falling on the southern pole.
Music soft upon your mind,
Floating slowly from the flute;
Sprouting crops of ripest fruit
Healing lame and healing blind.
Music soft upon your heart,
Singing rhymes of sweetest tune;
Reaching souls in lovely prune,
May Billy unleash the mart.
2 Leave your mark
Leave your mark upon our dreams,
Raising hopes to reach the sky;
So shall rue and dreadful sigh,
Never flow upon our streams.
Leave your mark upon our hopes,
Sweetest visions ever rare,
Fruiting seeds like apples, fair;
Freeing slaves in strongest ropes.
Leave your mark upon our pains,
Sending laughter, sending joy;
Clearing all the evil ploys,
Bringing hope like calming rains.
Leave your mark upon our lives,
Breathing hope upon our dreams;
So shall plenty fill our streams,
Dancing Billy’s glorious jives.
3 Brightest day
May the songs of brightest day,
Ever in a merry tune;
Jingling on the olden rune,
Fall on you like fullest May.
May the songs of finest flower,
Never in a weary state;
Touching all in handsome fate;
Fall on you with goodly power.
May the songs of living light,
Never in a tunnel dark;
Reaching all with loving spark,
Fall on you in human sight
May the songs of brightest day,
Ever healing Jesus’ balm;
Play its tune in holy Psalm,
Reaching Billy as pure ray.
3 Angel’s Gate
Heaven’s gate is always fair,
Angels pass it like a dream;
Flowing so like jolly stream,
Blessing lives like candle flare.
Heaven’s gate is always sweet,
Seraphs kiss them in good fate,
Rushing thence in gorgeous state,
Blessing all with sweetest beet.
Heaven’s gate is primest rose,
Cherubs go there for a fling;
Pauline speech and Petrine ring,
Fill their hearts as passions grows.
Heaven’s gates are sweetest dreams,
Cupid’s men will be her lore;
Moving on like merry dove,
 Ofesi will move the streams.
4 Sail to rivers
Sail to river, sail to shore;
Life is moving here and there,
Some are merry; some in bore,
Sail your boat beyond the spare.
Fly to mountain, fly to hill;
Life is such a stunning place,
Some to bottle, some to pill;
Live their lives in tortuous race.
Walk the city; walk the town,
Life is giving in your best,
 Some are smiling, some with frown;
Come and heal their aching zest
Sail to rivers, sail to sea,
Life is full of sweetest joys;
Touch the valleys, touch the lee,
Billy gives to girls and boys.
5 Do not wield
Do not wield the stabbing blade,
Brands are evil, brands can kill;
Live your life devoid of  pill,
Stay in shed and coolest shade.
Do not wield the killing sword,
Brands are angry, brands are fierce;
Fighting men will save  their pierce,
When love weaves a pretty cord.
Do not let the daggers draw,
Brands are careless, brands are cruel;                     
Daggers will not kill like fuel,
When peace sings the Christic law.
Do not wield the pointing spear,
Brands are ruthless, brands are bad;
Words are worse than weapons sad,
Speak sweet words for Billy, dear.
6 Do your work
Do the work of good return,
Do them now without a mourn;
Glorious day will light the sky,
As your works destroy our sigh.
Do the deeds of good report,
Boldly written at the port;
Splendid deeds that kiss the sane,
Bathing them in joyous rain.
Do the job this living hour,
Kindly job with all your power;
Do the job and make us grow,
Do it now in lovely show.
Do the works of good returns,
Fruitful jobs of sweetest morns;
Deltans wait the happy day,
As Ofesi paves the way.
6 Sing with me
Sing with me all you that read
All the songs that I chant here,
Happy songs like lovely bead,
Beaming love without compare.
Chant with me all you that mime
All the hymns that I write down,
Flowing songs in perfect rhyme,
Sung aloud in Tebu town.
Cant with me all you that pipe
All the Psalms that I give out,
Juicy songs like apple ripe,
Casting out our bloody doubt.
Sing with me all you that read
All the songs that we do sing,
Beauteous songs like Deltan bead
Chanting Billy in the ring.
7 Flower songs
Lotus is a song of peace,
Never touched by waters stale,
Ever crowned with lovely tale;
Garlands don her in her fleece.
Roses sing the beauteous rhymes,
Growing love in midst of thorns;
Taming all with devil’s horns
Smiling love in saddest times.
Lilies are the hymns of joy,
Singing life in merry breath;
Saving all from nasty death,
Breathing love like happy soy.
Sing your love like pretty flowers,
Floating in the morning sun;
Sing it loud in lovely fun,
Chanting Billy this same hour.
8 Love is here
Distant sun beyond our reach,
Stretching far beyond the  mind,
How I wish you touch the beach;
Doing deeds with unction kind.
Distant stars in weary night,
Twinkling like a rhombus chain;
How I wish to hold your light,
Bringing it to land of vain.
Distant moon above our boon,
Breathing peace to heal the earth;
Even owls with bloody croon,
Cannot stop your joyous mirth.
Love is human; peace is here,
Joy shall sing a golden tune;
Making peace and love cohere,
Singing Ofesi  as rune.
9 See the world
See the world with gentle eye,
Far beyond the azure sky;
Little flakes of living light,
Greet our hopes with passions bright.
Feel the earth with spotless skin,
Not disturbed by devil’s gin;
Tiny sparks of finest silk,
Dress your face like cherished milk.
Know the globe as  blameless, mild;
Seeing things as spotless child;
Loving eyes of girls and boys
Fill our songs with lifelong joys.
Touch the orb with gentle hands,
Rubbing all with healing sands;
So shall songs of human climes
Ring Ofesi in sweet rhymes.
1 Passion breathes
Be our love as passion breathes,
Cutting deaths and taming wreaths;
Making life a better place,
Jolly fit for human race.
Be our hope as angels sing,
Slicing dance in proper fling;
Making life a thing of joy,
Precious as the blooming soy.
Be our joy of sweetest day,
Blooming as the fruitful spray;
Smile on us like peaceful dove,
Swimming in the seas above.
Be our love as music breathes,
Cutting down the odious wreaths;
Sing a song that tongues desire,
Billy’s name with sweet aspire.
Your only goal
Let love be your only goal,
Peace shall follow here and now;
Comely love from pole to pole,
Greeting us in sublime bow.
Let good be your only bent,
Joy shall follow in good stead;
Precious smiles from heaven sent,
Greet your face from wake to bed.
Let peace be your only aim,
Riches follow all about;
Goodly deed with living fame,
Greets with love; debarring doubt.
Love shall shake the hands of peace,
Giving her the sweetest peace;
Peaceful love like margent Greece
Sing Ofesi’s deeds with bliss.
Let peace be your song of morn,
Fairest peace like meekest dove;
Curing all the eyes of morn,
Singing love to high above.
We don com we don dey sing}
Na Billy man}2ice
You don make Delta beta}2ice
Na Ofesi }2ice
Long shall be your morning song,
Greeting souls with tongues of joy;
Chanting songs with angel’s tongue,
Making life a vibrant soy.
Fairest peace is song of hearts,
Ever lovely, ever fresh;
Blocking all the evil darts,
Loosing all the tangled mesh.
Merry days are here and now,
Bringing peace beyond the crowd;
Healing us with holy vow,
Sailing us to lovely cloud.
Song 2
Delta is a place of peace
Delta is a land of peace,
Rivers flow upon her face;
Blessing us with perfect bliss,
Bringing joy to human race.
Come, come sing his fame,}
Sing of Billy now ;}
Lovingly, lovingly, lovingly ;}
Billy is the name}                ---2ice
Naija sings of handsome show,
Singing beauty bold and clear;
Singing on with passions slow,
Moving men to regions fair.
Joy is always here and now,
Yielding seeds and sweetest fruit;
Blessing earth with holy plough,
Singing love with cherub’s flute.
Sap’le sings your lovely name,
Singing it in Deltan clime;
Even Naija knows your fame,
Singing it from time to time.
Song 3
Peace is ever silent
Peace is ever silent rain,
Drenching high and soaking vain;
Wetting all with divine love,
Touching earth like Holy Dove.
We have come to grace your show}
Sing Ofesi} 2ice
We have come to chant it slow}
Sing Billy now} 2ice
Delta knows your name for long,
Singing it with golden gong;
So we sing the happy hymn,
Swimming on in glorious dream.
Joy is ever found in you,
Ever true in purest view;
Love is ever found in truth,
Sing on so like pleasant youth.
Naija always rings your deeds,
Budding them like darling seeds;
Let the works of peace be sound,
Singing you to Holy Ground.
Song 4
Moonlit snow
Joy is fresh as moonlit snow,
Ever sparkling morning dew;
Cooling all as passions grow,
Such is life in perfect lieu.
When the delta sings your name,}
Open up the Billy’s fame} 2ice
Life is sweet, when things are fine,
Sing of love, let justice move;
So shall come, sweet love divine,
Pushing us to peaceful groove.
Peace is such a lovely thing,
Prized as gold in alien sun;
Dancing on with holy fling,
Filling souls with sweetest fun.
So shall sweet joy reign on hearts,
Filling souls like beauteous sea.
Come with love to richest marts,
Singing love with sweetest glee.
Song 5
Let’s sing Billy} 2ice
In Deltan clime} 2ice
If we sing Billy} 1ce
We will have merry time} 1ce
Peace is here, behind the dream;
Flowing on like happy stream;
Love shall reign above the day
Bringing peace like saintly ray.
Love is here, a streak of light;
Blotting ills from evil night,
Talk of peace and feel her love,
Sailing on to Holy Dove.
Joy is here – a beauteous groom,
Yielding fruits in spotless gloom.
Hold my hand and let us sing,
Dance aloud in joyful ring.
Faith is here, precious as time;
Flowing on in cutest rhyme.
We are one in Deltan brooks,
We know you in Naija books.