Friday, 15 January 2016

Tompolo and the Yoruba doom

Tompolo paved his way to wealth by killing Isekiri in the Warri Crises. His career will also finish with the blood of Isekiri. The end of Tompolo is here. The end of injustice is here. The end of the fake Gbaramatu Kingdom is here. Let the idiot continue, Jonathan has been disgraced out of office, EK Clark has disgraced himself out of glory, Alamayiesigha , who sent killer squad to Warri, disgraced out of life; Tompolo will be disgraced out of existence. He stole Omadino( people of Ijebu descent) land, he will die without ceremony - like a helpless chicken on Christmas day. Thus, is the end of the wicked. If Gbaramatu people know what is good for them, they should renounce the DEVIL - end is VERY NEAR. . A word is ENOUGH for the WISE!