Friday, 16 September 2016


A faction of Aja-Ogunoyibo: particularly Kpokpo and Kurumani families have dragged the descendants of Ogunoyibo(Oguoyibo) to court, claiming ownership of the village. To worsen issues the descendants of Kpokpo and Kurumani are backed by historical fraudsters from Aghalokpe and Okpe clan in general. I have not wanted to write this piece, but for the love I have for the Ogunoyibo descendants and all Isekiri in general, I feel I should let the world know the hell the people are passing through.
1.       CHANGE OF NAME. Sometime in the middle of August 2016, the people of Aghalokope(Ogunni or Ogoni) descendants , sent a letter to the Aja-Ogunoyibo people to change the name of the village from Ajaogunyibo to Amuan-Itive. There was a threat of war in that letter. The letter can be reproduced for the public to see the level of barbarism.  One chief Michael Afe was the signatory to that letter.  For more than three months, since around May 2016, there has been litigation between the descendants of Ogunoyibo and the descendants of Kpokpo and Kurumani. The descendants of Kpokpo and Kurumani (being of stranger stock in Aja-Ogunoyibo), were the ones dragging the Okpe people to the battle front in their favour. The Okpe authorities have earlier sent such offensive letters of change of names to Ogunaja(Ikomi town), Obotie, Ajimele, Aja-Sagay  etc. There is a systematic wiping out of the Isekiri presence in Okpe areas. All these have increased since the ascension of Mujakperuo. I am not saying he is the mastermind, it is only happening in his regime.  On the 31st of August 2016, the Aghalokpe people (formerly Isekiri, but now claiming to be Okpe) went to the bush to start uprooting the cassava of Isekiri people of Ajaogunoyibo. Hunger is now the name of Aja-Ogunoyibo people. The Olare-aja is threatened and he fears for his life.
2.       REVEALING THE FAKE HISTORY OF MICHAEL AFE. The descendants of Kpokpo and Kurumani are relying on the falsified story telling of Michael Affe to perpetrate trouble in Ajaogunyibo. If Michael (who is more than 70% Isekiri) had not come out with a terribly lying history most of these problems would not have cropped up. Michael Afe relying on the lies in the RB Kerr’s intelligence report have cooked up a false history for his Aghalokpe district,

a.       HISTORY OF AGHALOKPE  - refuting Michael Afe
Michael Afe has given a very simplistic history of Aghalokpe that the founder of Aghalokpe (Oguni; called Ogoni by the Urhobos) was a son of Evbreke – one of the four brothers said to have founded Okpe.  Truth be told Oguni was not a son of Evbreke , but his grandson. The daughter of Evbreke was the mother of Oguni(the war is tough – the Mehini Ijaw war on the River Niger about 1735 when the child was born).Name of his mother – reserved for now, for certain reasons.   Oguni was a son of Olu Atogbuwa(the first son) who was ousted by his younger brother , who later became Olu Erejuwa. He went to his mother’s area in Okpe and founded Aghalokpe on the way... Some issues raised in Afe 2015
I.                    Was Oguni an Isekiri? To show that Ogoni was an Isekiri Affe raised the question in his pamphlet without any one asking him. He says “there are rumours in certain quarters that Ogoni was an Isekiri”. He went further to say people are saying this to prevent the Ogoni descendants from participating in the Orodjeship. Michael, no amount of lies will make Ogoni descendant to become Orodje of Okpe. The Orodje knows the truth, the real Okpe knows the truth, the Isekiri know their brothers and sisters no matter how long they may claim to be something else.
II.                  Afe claims in his pamphlet that Ogoni met some fairies at Aghalokpe. The truth is Ogoni met some Binis at the present site of Aghalokpe worshipping a tree called Aghalokpe. Oguni who had just escaped from his younger brother Olu Erejuwa and had canon power was able to chase the Binis away. In reality the movement of Oguni(first son of Olu Atogbuwa) was the greatest mass movement in Okpe land(RB KERR intelligence report). Not being able to cover all their lies they acknowledge in that report that the said Ogoni went to stay with the Olu without even mentioning the name of the Olu. Then we ask the Okpe people why did he go to see the Olu – as his slave, a business associate or as his son, and which of the Olus did he see? The truth of the matter is Oguni ran from the Olu; he did not go to see the Olu. The report also said that Ogoni started the title of Okakuroship and his sons came unto his power. Clearly Ogoni was an Isekiri who entered Okpe with a large crowd – the greatest mass movement in Okpe History(RB KERR intelligence report,)
III.                Afe says Itive founded Ogunoyibo’s village. Nothing is further from the truth. Ogunoyibo a son of Eragheta(a daughter of Itive, a son of Ogoni) founded AjaOgunoyibo.
IV.                Michael tries to make Kpokpo and Kurumani the owners of Ajaguoyibo. Kpokpo was sold by Mayomi family in Ugborodo and the father of Kurumani was a crew man (the name means nothing in Isekiri or Urhobo). Both of them came to AjaOgunyibo with the permission of Ogunoyibo.

3.       Some salient issues.
a.       The Aghalokpe area was populated by Ogoni and his descendants whose patrilineage is Isekiri.
b.      Nobody from Aghalokpe will ever become an Orodje whether Afe lies to heaven or not. Let him carry his trumpet and continue all his lies.
c.       People from Sapele and Ugbukurusu will also never get the Orodje title. Their  own reason is different from that of Oguni people who are Isekiri
d.      There is a common trend since the ascension of this Orodje of changing the names of Isekiri villages in Okpe area. The trend does not call for good interethnic harmony which has existed for generations between the two ethnic groups. This wicked trend must stop. If the baba knows nothing about this wicked plan he should come out and Say so. Some years back there were rumours that the Orodje said Isekiri should not bury their dead in Sapele. When the rumour became unbearable, he came out and denied what his recalcitrant subjects were doing – plunging the two ethnic groups to the brink of war.  

4.       Proofs that Aghalokpe people are Isekiri
I.                    They look exactly like the Bateren people (their cousins in Isekiri)
II.                  They have never been awarded the Orodjeship
III.                They pray with kola nut in presence of other Okpe.
IV.                They have the sword of power which they brought from Ode-isekiri
V.                  When Afe Michael (the writer of false histories) went to Mary a descendant of Gagar( a uterine brother of Ikomi) both the Ikomi and Gagar people complained about the blood relationship between them and Afe. Some rites were performed before they could perform the marriage rites.  Like the Ogunoyibos and the people of Aja-Ojigwo, the Ikomis are descended from Olu Atogbuwa through his son Oguni born when the Olu was fighting the Ijaws of the River Niger(Moore 1936)
VI.                Ogoni and Itive were Isekiri titles who the Olu gave to people from Aghalokpe(Moore 1936).

5.       What is to be done?
a.       DNA test should be carried out to ascertain my points on Ogoni history and personality.
b.      If my points are ascertained the Michael Afe’s of this world can continue lying about their history
c.       Peace delegates both from the Olu’s palace and the Orodje’s palace should meet for a talk.
d.      There should be no more threat of war; the court cases should continue, we are in a civilized society
e.      Michael should desist from writing false history, he should work for peace. He has Isekiri blood and he has a very lively and likeable Isekiri son , these fake histories will do his posterity no good
f.        If Aghalokpe wants to claim what they are not, well and good, but they should not be the instrument of dragging other Isekiri into Okpe.
g.       The Chief appointed by the Olu in Ajaoguoyibo seems not to be active, taken bribe or incompetent, because he has made no attempt to publish the suffering of his people. Please, only chiefs who have the pain of their areas should be coronated henceforth.
h.      Please any Isekiri that reads this should forward. You can print a copy out and give to your friends. Let the Olu hear (he is a listening king) ; let the Orodje hear he is a lawyer – who lives by rule of law. The suffering that Kpokpo , Kurumani(Crew Man) and the likes of Michael Afe from Aghalokpe are making their OgunOyibo cousins  pass through in this 21st century is unthinkable.
i.         If I am summoned for this letter I will come anywhere and talk to end this primitivity and barbarism, Ijaw had killed Isekiri will false Okpe come and kill the rest?


Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu(St.Ifa)[Msc,Bsc.Pde,PGD, continuing studies with his PHD].