Thursday, 3 November 2016

Isekiri Agenda for the Confab (Pan Yoruba rather than Pan Niger Delta Conference) preferred for Isekiri

Isekiri Agenda for the Confab (Pan Yoruba rather than Pan Niger Delta Conference) preferred for Isekiri
The whole of the sixteen point agenda in the Niger Delta confab are totally against Isekiri interest. This shows the Niger Delta fa├žade is just for the Ijaw interest. Isekiri should look elsewhere, perhaps a pan-Yoruba conference which will really take our interest. A conference headed by Ijaw leader – EK Clark – who led a near extinction campaign against Isekiri cannot be expected to be beneficial to  Isekiri interest. Rather he will use his conference to take from Isekiri what he could not take during the Ijaw-Okumagba pogrom – the Maritime University – for example. Isekiri should withdraw from this conference and tag team with the Yoruba, Igala, Olukumi , Ebu  peoples for a conference that will be relevant to their history and culture. But if the Isekiri insist on attending the conference, they should hold these points. If they don’t, future generations will blame the present leaders.  
There are many things bothering Isekiri, but the following should be in the agenda -
1.       Establishment of the Maritime University as Okerenghigho-Omadino. The land belongs to Omadino. We cannot let the Ijaws get away with criminality. Okerenkoko is not in any ancient map. Okerenghigho is in all the maps. Gbaramatu deep sea port and the whole of Gbaramatu is part of it – part of Isekiri land.
2.       Support the Gbolokposo people in their struggle to change the name of Effurun University to Gbolokposo. Gbolokposo has a Supreme Court judgment in those areas.
3.       Bringing back the illegal Warri South West LGC from Ogbe-Ijoh to Ogidigben
4.       Renaming of Osubi airport – that is in part of Isekiri land.
5.       Renaming of Otefe Polytechnic after Efurokpe. The land belongs to Efurokpe. Ibori’s damage cannot be measured.
6.       Independence for the indigenes of Ekuobodo, Mene –Ejegi people (in Metsaghan, now corrupted to Mosoga) with Supreme Court, Judgement from Ethiope West.
7.       Adjusting of the Isekiri in the Sapele Reserve – Aja-Efele, Aja-Okolo, Obotie, Arun-Owun etc into Warri North, or to be given an independent status... there is part of the reserve law that says all the land in the reserve belongs to Isekiri. Isekiri alone have right of residence, Okpe only have right of picking (not planting) palm trees and passing through.
8.       Koko-Ogheye road.
9.       Quitting Ijaw from Isekiri villages – Urejusisin most especially – where they have occupied since 1997, depriving the Isekiri of their living in this modern era.
10.   Support for Aja-Oguoyibo people who Okpe (through Aghalokpe people, who were formerly Isekiri, but now claiming to be Okpe), are trying to claim, changing the name to Amuan-Itive.
11.   Re-establishing of Isekiri towns and villages sacked by Okpe – Adaka, Elume Waterside etc.

Committee to go

1.       Prof. Itse Sagay(Chief).
2.       Rita Lori(Chief)
3.       Senator Remi Tinubu
4.       Chief Jemide and Chief Pessu who saved the kingdom at twilight.
5.       Victor Kojo Wood.
6.       Alele Williams (Prof, Chief).
7.       Chiefs Omatseye , Ayiri and Omolubi as younger chiefs – not youths, please, they are all above  40.
8.       Prest Udueyin(Chief).
9.       Daisy Danjuma(Chief).

Let’s go with this agenda, let’s go with this team. Things will be better for us. If our demands are not met, we can resort to the court of law. We need this especially for the Universities – Okenghigho(corrupted to Okerenkoko by resort to lawlessness); Effurun,  Gbolokposo land University and Otefe in Efurokpe land. Aluta Continua – Victoria acerta.  The conference is not sacrosanct. We should not be discouraged if the Ijaw – leaders of the conference – go ahead to establish lawlessness. We can challenge all what is deliberated in the conference in the court of law; we have enough documents to win all our cases, if we are pro-active. A backdoor conference cannot be used to cede Omadino land to Ijaw. Isekiri should by all means fight against this. Isekiri are of Yoruba stock and no kangaroo conference in the Niger Delta will ever solve our problems. Remember the predictions of Obafemi Awolowo! Isekiri be wise! Until there be true federalism and Isekiri merged with Oduduwa region, the Ijaw and Urhobo will continue to exploit and steal our Iwere homeland.

Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu(St.Ifa).