Monday, 20 February 2017


I have been following the write-ups of Aderojor, Quincy Onuwaje, Adrian Edema and a few others. I am quite impressed with the way and manner in which they present their facts. But a new revelation has been given to Isekiri this day and time. No Isekiri should bow to any king in Delta State except the following – the Olu of Warri; the Obi of Aboh; the kings of Olukumi and Ebu(our fellow Yoruboid brothers).
1.       Like the Olu, the kings of Aboh are proper monarchs – the empire builders of the Anioma and portions of Urhobo-Isoko land.
2.       The kings of Olukumi, Ebu, Iyeghenle are our brothers.
3.       The king of Agbor, although has been there for long, is not a proper monarch; he was under the tutelage of the Oba of Benin. In fact, in 1897, the Bini soldiers were going to extract tenement from them, when they heard that the Europeans were coming to attack Benin.
4.       We need not speak of the fabrications in the Delta-Edoid areas. They are all modern fabrications, the oldest dating to 1948, and the Isekiri, Fregene family, are instrumental in putting in such abnormalities.


Cursed be any Isekiri man who bows to greet any king not mentioned above. If you don’t have anything meaningful to do with your heads, please come and start bowing to me instead. It is in the same manner that Gbaramatu and Okumagba ‘kingdoms’ are formed now, so are all these concoctions of kingdoms. Can you imagine tiny Isoko with seventeen ‘kings’; Urhobo , about 40; Ijaw more than 50 in Delta State alone. Just have a little money among these groups and they demarcate a room from a parlour and call it a kingdom, they run quickly to Asaba and receive a stick to cause confusion. Please, any Isekiri, who bow to them is guilty of heresy and should be chased from the society.


We should respect all Yoruba kings – including Oba of Benin, all Igala kings, Obi of Onitsha, Eze Nri etc. The major kings of the Delta – King of Nembe(our brother),king of Ogbia (our brother) King of Kalabari, king of Bonny, king of Opobo etc are worthy. Most of these are ancient city states, which deserve our respect.

Oritseweyinmi  Oghanrandukun Olomu (St.Ifa)