Thursday, 1 June 2017

Don’t and never establish Maritime University at Okerenkoko

This is a serious and terrible warning to the senate and to the Federal government of Nigeria. This is a very serious warning which the Federal Government and Senate of Nigeria will neglect and meet a most brutal catastrophe.
                Many foolish people – yes! I say foolish and stupid senators are fast voting for a Maritime University to be sited at Okerenkoko( a town of blood and fire, acquired by murder and genocide). For the umpteenth time, it is good to sound it to the senate that the Ijaw of Gbaramatu are tenants to Omadino. The town, they are claiming is Okerenghigho, not Okerenkoko. The senate should be aware of this and act accordingly.
                If the Maritime University is built with such a thievish and murderous name, then the Senate should help do the following:
1.       Legalize rape in Nigeria. Yes! Because Tompolo and his boys raped and killed innocent women to chase Isekiri from Okerenghigho and renamed it Okerenkoko.
2.       Legalize murder in Nigeria. Yes! Tompolo, barked by satanic elements like EK Clark, Diezani and Jonathan Goodluck, drained the blood of Isekiri to acquire the land.
3.       Legalize armed robbery in Nigeria. Yes! Because the miscreants are robbers of the highest order.
4.       Legalize a-historicism in Nigeria, because ‘Gbaramatu Kingdom’ and all its falsehood is a slap to Nigeria’s insensitivism.
5.       Eradicate prisons in Nigeria. Yes! We cannot have a bunch of murderers, rapists, robbers walking in the shadow of Tompolo in Gbaramatu while innocent people elsewhere are arrested.
6.       Eradicate senate in Nigeria Yes! Because their foolish laws will soon bring a problem the dimension the senate will find impossible to explain.
7.       Eradicate judiciary in Nigeria. If Isekiri have defeated the criminals in ‘Gbaramatu Kingdom’ for a thousand and one times, it behooves anyone why the judiciary cannot enforce its judgment!
8.       Allow all Nigerians to carry guns, and eradicate the police the army and all law enforcement agencies, because ‘GBARAMATU’ and Okerenkoko were built on blood and fire.
9.       Eradicate all forms of election. Let militants fight and become presidents, ministers, senators, local government chairmen etc.
10.   Eradicate living and life in Nigeria. Yes! because  Tompolo and his boys killed and eradicated lives to form Okerenkoko and to acquire land for Maritime Varsity

The Troubles Ahead

 Come September 2017, according to the calculation of the senate and the presidency, the Okerenkoko University will start lecture in a land of blood and fire – in a land of militancy – in a land of annoyance- in a land of death – in a land of uncertainty – in a land of theft and destruction. Thanks, senate; thanks presidency, thanks the gorilla Nigerians who want such evils perpetrated in our land.
                Remember that violence is not the prerogative of one man. What happens if Isekiri does any of the following?
1.       Challenge the action in court and get a change of name. Which they must get.
2.       If they declare the acts of Tompolo and the senate as genocide and task the Nigerian Government and Tompolo to the tone of trillions of dollars?
3.       If the Nigerian government refused to pay, as they might be wont, what happens if Isekiri seek international support and go into a terrorism that is  1000000 times more horrible than  the puny terrorism of Tompolo?
4.       What happens to the innocent children that will be put in such jeopardy as students?
5.       What happens if Isekiri decide to start attacking the University and students who come there due to the evils of Tompolo and the Federal Government?
6.       What happens if Isekiri pick up arms against Gbaramatu?
7.       What happens if the University area becomes a point of terror?
8.       What happens if Isekiri drag Federal Government to Ecowas Court?
9.       What happens if Isekiri drag Federal Governent to United Nations?
10.   What happens if Isekiri drag Federal Government to the ICJ?

Last word

Please, the Federal Government should be more proactive, look for better things to do with their time and effort and forget Okernkoko University. They should chase, catch and deal with Tompolo for his atrocities. Else, they will make the Nigerian polity totally ungovernable. The regime of today is different from that of yesterday. Ijaw; the regime of tomorrow will also be different from the regime of today. But only one thing is constant in all regimes, enforcing the law and the histories, Isekiri have both to claim Okerenghigho not Okerenkoko. Ijaw, we have seen death, you have been killing. But we will soon match you force for force, and law for law. We know you do not believe in law, we will match you force for force like two gorillas in the bush for that is how you want to be treated.


Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu (St.Ifa)