Monday, 19 December 2016

The Militancy issue

The Militancy issue
Good day all, we are the first who seem to be knowledgeable about the militancy situation in the Niger Delta. Many people see the Ijaw militants - MEND, NIGER DELTA AVENGERS, EGBESU etc – as freedom fighters; or agitators for human rights issues. But this is very far from the truth. The Ijaw militants are terrorists. They have been so since ages. Pacheco Pereira in 1505(their first contact with written sources) describe them as pirates; De Bry in 1601 , describe them as terrorists; Roth in 1901 described them as terrorists; Punch Cyril , Bradbury about the turn of the 19th  century describe them in the same way . Coming home – Alagoa( an Ijaw/Ogbia professor of History) 1977 talked copiously about the terrorism of the Ijaw, they even take praise names for such nefarious acts; Ikime( a fellow Niger Deltan) 1969 was emphatic about Ijaw terrorism and piracy. The story is a recurring decimal, whether you talk of Captain Leonard (1906) , Landolphe 1786, PC Lloyd 1957, Moore 1936, the story is the same. All through the centuries the Ijaw have been lawless without a king – just constituting barbarism for more enlightened people                Take a look: in 1956 the Okrika Ijaw was out rightly defeated in a court case   in Port Harcourt, where they are declared as customary tenants. In the same 50s the Ijaw were declared customary tenants of the Edos. All their settlements around Gelegele, Ajakurama , Ofunama are under the tenancy of Oba of Benin. The so called Okerenkoko (sic Okerenghigho) is Isekiri land. The land they are now bargaining with to get a Maritime University without the Omadino and the Olu of Warri. The Ijaw are also tenant in Akwa-Ibom. They are tenants in Ondo, So much for the Ijaw.
                In all these places they have fought and illegally possessed lands. In Isekiri, the Ibori regime created a local government (Ogbe-Ijoh) without a federal Government gazette for the Ijaw. The land (on tenancy hold) is now a problem with the neighbouring Aladja people. Both people all under the Olu in those days are now in bellum omnium contra omnes. Both have no single legal documents to back their claims. In Ondo, Ilaje-Yoruba land was excised and a local government created for the Ijaw. Now, the same Ijaw are planning a Maritime University on Isekiri land, where they have just committed genocide. The same Tompolo who claims to be a freedom fighter, together with Goodluck(Badluck) Jonathan should be tried on
1.       The establishment of a Deep Sea Port in Gbaramatu clan. The land is under the tenancy of the Olu of Warri
2.       The groundbreaking of the NMU with a false name(Okerenkoko – not in any ancient map) instead of Okerenghigho-Omadino
3.       The genocide against Isekiri which Tompolo is actively involved in; and which Goodluck somehow knew about by bowing to Tompolo to build a University for the Ijaw on a land they just acquired by massacring Isekiri   .
Others who are likely sponsors of these Ijaw are :
a.       James Ibori. He wrongfully shifted the Local government Headquarters without a resort to the proper gazette; he illegally created CDCs in the 3 Warris ,avoiding places with similar problems such as Sapele.
b.      Emmanuel Uduaghan. He was the notorious Isekiri governor who wrongly gave a staff of office to an illegal kingdom – Gbaramatu.

It should interest the world that these two governors in Delta are cousins and have spoilt the political terrain of the state. They are the ones who must have funded these monsters.  For peace to reign Uduaghan should be looked for and dealt with. Ibori is already suffering for his sins.

Goodluck Jonathan, Ibori and Uduaghan must have chosen the Ijaw for their dirty jobs to cover up for their offences. Why the Ijaws? They are the only ones with a notorious history to allow for such irresponsibility and barbarism as I have shown above. All the ethnics in the Greater Delta have their shortcomings, but none has the notoriety and incivility of the Ijaw.  Great care should be taken to create the Maritime University with the proper and correct names, if not Isekiri might have a signal that even Buhari has joined in the great massacre of Ibori, Alams, Tompolo , Uduaghan and all that ilk.

Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu(St.Ifa)