Saturday, 24 December 2016


Many Urhobo and some short sighted Isekiri are celebrating the release of James Onanefe Ibori. But it is important to know that James is an enemy of the Yoruba race by the way he treated the Isekiri people. I will not go into much historicity here. If the reader doubts that the Isekiri are not pure Yoruba he/she should visit It is due to the facts outlined in the blog that the Ooni of Ife – the Alaiyeluwa , the foremost Yoruba king – came to attend the coronation of the Olu of Warri just a few days after he himself was crowned. As the jubilation continues for his release it is proper we say a few evil Ibori did to Isekiri and by extension the Yoruba race. This is risky however since Ibori is the father of the family that rules Delta till date (Governor Okowa 2016). But in the spirit of freedom of speech and being very sure of my facts I will present my facts one after the other.
1.     Ibori shifted the Headquarters of Warri South West Local Government area from Ogidigben to Ogbe-Ijoh. Yet the Ogbe-Ijohs were tenants of Olu of Warri (SC/450/65).
2.     Ibori approved a ‘king’ for Gbaramatu Ijaw clan, an evil never before seen. Yet , Gbaramatus were tenants to Omadinors(w/30/1962). It is with this false kingdom that that Gbaramatu used in trying to steal EPZ from Kpokpo an Isekiri community and acquiring a fake Maritime University in Okerenkoko, a legally nonexistent town. Oporoza(Ofuraja) the so called capital of Gbaramatu is in Ugborodo land (w/124/76). Kpokpo is an Isekiri community, suit no MCC/4/71. The Ijaws have no single land in that area. The Omadinor Isekiri who owned the land were descendants of Lenuwa in Ijebu Waterside.
3.     Ibori went ahead to create false wards in the three Warris. The picture was worse in Warri South West. Isekiri seven wards were made ten; Ijaw three wards were also made ten. This is the type of justice that Ibori preaches – a justice tainted with lies and oppression.
4.     Ibori cut a part of Efurokpe land and called it Otefe. On this piece of land which belonged to Toro Kubeinje he built the Delta State Polytechnic.
5.     Ibori intensified the land tussle in the Ogbe-Ijoh – Aladja axis by creating a false local government for the Ijaw tenants. With the creation of this false local government council, the Ijaws felt like landlord overnight and started fighting for more Isekiri lands in Aladja axis.  So much for the injustice of Ibori against Isekiri. The list is not exhausted; more will be written

What is to be done?
a.     Isekiri should be wary of Ibori and all his tricks
b.     Isekiri should think deeply on any suggestion brought by Ibori and his ruling elite in Delta
c.      Isekiri should always think of realigning with Yoruba in any form of restructuring.
d.     We know our detractors of old, we know our detractors of today, and no matter what new garb they may wear, we know their instinctive notorierity for mischief making.


Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu(St.Ifa)