Wednesday, 26 August 2015

behind the dreams

Behind the dreams 

1.       My story begins from this tree,
A story based on nature bare,
A song of love with sting of bee,
A tale so tall with lovely stare.
In forest thick, we walk the pegs,
The tedious pegs that half the poles.
We tread the swamps with weary legs,
We trod the swamps with dirty soles.
Sweet nature heals with gentle song,
It heals sour ears with songs of gold,
It heals our nerves with gentle gong,
It heals our hearts in nature bold.
Sweet songs of peace that flutes my pipe,
Will ever sing like mangoes ripe.

2.       The fruits of joy are songs we type,
Full nature’s songs beyond our dreams;
The song of sparrow’s gentle stripe,
Ascends our souls like blameless beams;
The song of swallow’s fullest rhyme
Deflate from sorrows hanging high,
Deflate from sorrows pressed with time,
Deflate from pains that make us sigh.
With sunken foot we beat the ace,
Some heavy steps with mud attached,
Keep tying us in lazy pace,
Keep sinking us as loved detached,
Detached from us like foreign song,
Detached from us like angry gong.

3.       In swampy lands we moved along,
We moved along the marshy ground,
We tread the mud with crying song,
We tread along as passions pound.
This road of mud that tear our vests,
Annoying us with thorny pricks,
Reduce the love from human breasts,
Stockpiling hate like wicked bricks.
This hidden land from human gaze,
Is washed astride  with varied hymns,
Is fully soaked in divine rays,
Is filled with songs that touch the brims.
The songs of love beyond compare,
Keep forthing mouths of insect spare.

4.       The insect spare in great aware,
Looked left and right and right and left.
Its legs are long and sleek and bare,
Its colours bright are clear and deft.
Its bluish hue is rare behold,
Thin strings of white bedecked its back.
It gripped the twig in fervent hold,
Still blinking eyes in honest rack.
The insect slows my time with love
Ushering peace to calm the mind,
Ushering love from far above,
Ushering love with unction kind.
Sweet love unfolds from insect’s tail,
The songs of peace unstained by tale.