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Secrets of Jesus’ Power sung.

Secrets of Jesus’ Power sung.


Augustine Oritseweyinmi Ogharandukun Olomu (St. Ifa)

Agharowu Emmanuel Eyebira   (Honsbira)


In writing Secrets of Jesus’ Power Sung, we deem it necessary to provide our prospective readers with such things about Jesus as How to switch on  to His Power Potentials as revealed in the Bible. By His Power Potential we mean His power and its vulnerability to being tapped by those who want them. By this is meant those powers/miracles performed by Jesus and the possibility and probability of humankind to come by them.
Thus, efforts will be made to pin-point the power bases of Jesus, providing keys with which seekers can unlock the reserve; how to tap from this, not necessarily by holding it by the  jugular, but by cleansing oneself to the point that the wheel of its workability is set in motion within ones meridians. In the same way as the Karate or Kung Fu expert can efficiently block off unknown kicks from behind, or even when asleep, deep asleep, the reader, armed with these lines, can send the defending wheel of the peaceful machines of the dynamo of Jesus rolling in defense of himself, and any.

The strength of this literature will be derived from the fact of the efficiency and workability of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, of God. It is the spirit of God active in the affairs of God and His people in the time pre-creation (Gen, 1: 1-2). In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for the Spirit of God is Ruach, meaning breath, wind, breeze etc. In the New Testament, the word so represented is pneuma. All in all, the same phenomenon is referred to with the terms, Spiritus, meaning Spirit. According to Christians, the primary source of the term is wind and from here we come by the fact of breath.
Taking the clue from the foregoing, we can sense that the spirit of God, nay, the spirit of Jesus, has functions to perform in the affairs of the world. It is the spirit that brooded over the waters in creation, the spirit employed by Jesus in all he did. The fact that it brought out order, beauty, peace and tangibility out of the primeval chaos and conducted the cosmic forces towards the goal of an ordered universe is the concern major of this effort; and that this can be tapped for solution(s) to any human problem, the concern major of the discovery.
 Yes, the heavens are prepared by this spirit; and by same, the wilderness becomes beautiful; the phenomenon of nature is ascribed to the instrumentality and scientific activity of the Pneuma. Thus, one can say without fears that the action of God through History, tallying with that of Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s as well as man’s faith in this, allying with Structural Functionalism, can be harnessed to work for the benefit of man, to provide peace, war, health, ill, long life, short life, poverty, riches, religion, irreligion, deism and anti-deism – depending on application. Here we recommend it for good; and again, good is too relative to give us hope. The good implied here is not the relative good; for what is good to Mr. X might not be good to Mr. Y and vice versa.  It is the good that is good to the majority, good for the greatest happiness to the greatest number.
That the Holy Spirit is provided as a never-failing comforter to guide us to The Grace is a fact not tearable; and that man finds it hard to get there is a matter not open to dispute. What, then, is the question? The ambiguity arises from man’s refusal to benefit from this provision by his riotous disinclination to believe in Jesus Christ. Thus, man can change the face of the world in terms of the Word to His favour. By reading or reciting these lines, he can do so.            The book is presented as a dove song to make the world see Jesus, to make the world see peace. It is presented with a greater objective of making the world tenderly preach peace and aggressively enforce it, using the creed that penetrates – The Parakletos.
The present world order is globalization. Globalization is political ecumenism – that all may be one. But how can all be one when there is no peace among its various units? What peace can there be when the various units, far from looking at one another as one/needing to be one, maintain the tradition of separatism; in same process, aiming one another’s neck - like Robespeare’s guillotine operators of Revolutionary France?     Christ as a supratemporal figure transcends all religiosity. Christ exists in Christianity as Jesus; in Buddhism as Buddha; in Hinduism as Vishnu; in Isekiri-Yoruba as Ominigbo. By transcending the tenets of all religions and transfusing them in holiness, Christ has surpassed all powers and principalities, producing a wholesome oneness in diversity. Thus , in Christ, we can follow the Pope John Paul II, now blessed John Paul the second – and say E pluribus Unum!
 To accomplish a task like this, it is our candid hope that a picturesque language be employed. Picturesque languages are rare languages, bereft of the commonality of non-necessities. This objective will be achieved, not just through poems – but through formalized poems. We have chosen Ancient Trochee formations (English Poetry) and Benshu’s Haikus (Ancient Eastern Philosophy) – apt, clear, revealing, compelling!
 We use this medium to direct all peace lovers, seekers of peace, and indeed, all Christologically-minded ones to where peace can be plucked, rendering these pages as self-operation mechanism to catch peace through the creed of Christ. It is a piece on peace incubation, peace creation, peace promotion and peace sustainability through a drop from Heaven’s Gate (via Jesus Christ).
It is presented in two books. Book One, revealed to the author in waves, is in Trochees; Book Two, revealed in emotional bubbles, is in Haikus.  


       For their roles, in one way or the other, singly or collectively, as a point of fact of the successful completion of this book, the following are fully acknowledged.

1. Rexon Golly (Prince)
2. Ireyefoju J.E. ( PhD)
3. Cecilia Toritseju Pwol (PhD)
4. Prof. Jennifer Alao (PhD)
  5.    Wilson Alatsha (Barrister)
6. Comrade Omabuwa Anthony
7.  Engineer Victor Kojo Wood
8. Hon. O.J. Nanna
9. Simeon Brikkins
10. Margaret Ichibor
11. Ayoyibo Oritsetinmeyin
12. Comrade Omolubi Newuwumi
13. Comrade Johnbull Edema
14. Hon. Dr. Godwin  Boyi Ebosa
15. Luis Aboyowa Popo
16. Anirejuoritse Oghanrandukun (nee Ikomi)
17. Abilavi Gagar
18. Hon. Gbubemi Kpenosen Ikollo
19. Hon Emmanuel Esimoteboyewa Kpenosen
20. Comrade Aduge Okorodudu
21. Prince Moses Fregene
22. Johnson Anirejumi Awalla
23. Victor Eburalolor
24. Joseph Jakpa ( Barrister)
 25. Solomon Adekanmi Esiegbuya ( Barrister)
26. Debi Fregene (Mrs.)
27. Lilian Fregene( Mrs)
28. Comrade Laoye Sanda
29. Alhaji Adegboyega Arulogun
30. Oladotun Okanlawon Dada ( Obatala of Ile Ife)
31. Tony Egbe (Clergy
32.  Kenneth Ekwejunor Etchie
33. Evangelist Godwin Oko Etuwewe
34. Adeline Oti Adetunji
35. Choji Tosanwumi Pwol
36. Capt Paul Oko Etuwewe
37. Comrade Aduge Okorodudu.


Book One  

Jesus Heals Our Dreaded Pains
(To the Tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu (St.Ifa)


Let love sing like twinkling stars,
Not disturbed by evil bars;
Every morning every day,
Let us shine in Jesus’ ray.

Now is time to sing of love,
Twinkling like the stars above;
Men of conscience, sure and bright,
Let us do the things of right.

Jesus is the song of bliss,
Fully dressed like Holy kiss;
Ever fervent, ever fair;
Sing his love without compare.

Open now the Holy Book,
Sing it loud upon the brook;
Every morning, every night,
Sing these poems to cure our fright.

Let us sing with Jesus’ tunes,
Long forgot in olden dunes;
Sing it soft to heal our scars,
Twinkle, twinkle little stars.

Wave 1: Drain the Soul.

Glitches wear your soul with shame,
Cutting you from Jesus’ name;
Envious lips and jealous eyne.
Drain the souls with evils fine.

Errors bore your brain with pain,
Angry words and talks inane;
Boring holes in vest of faith,
Drifting far from evil wraith.

Sinners souse the world with rage,
Working long for Devils wage,
Making hay for evil sun,
Living far from Yahweh’s son.

Loafers lost their eyes to sin,
Clothed plain in monster’s grin;
Moving to and moving fro,
As their evil conscience blow.

Christ will make all sinners bare,
Robbing them in gladsome air;
Air from dreaming happy clime,
Singing souls to realms most prime.

Wave 2: The blows of Faith

Parry now, the blows of fate,
Using Jesus’ vest as plate;
Parry now the sins that bind
Sorry souls with deeds unkind.

Escape now from deep grim well,
Running through from sinful cell;
Lean on Jesus’ faithful ark,
Voiding still the Devil’s bark.

Recline not on broken bough,
Ruinous   soul is deep below;
Branding soul with evil sword,
Brushing them from God’s own cord.

Go to land where joy proceeds,
Not to land where hope recedes;
Land of beauty bright and fair.
Where reigns Christ with godly care.

Jesus scythes the evil nest,
Blessing it with beauty best;
Hence we see the birds of rhyme,
Richest dove from gentlest clime.

Wave 3:  Jesus’ Heart

Jesus’ heart shall be our cove,
There we’ll ride in regal rove;
Riding then the ark of space,
Solely sprout by human race.

Christ-like words shall be our grove,
Sacred words that scriptures prove.
We shall prow His lordly kiel;
Satan’s boats are known to kill

We have known the spineless spray,
Far removed from Godly ray;
Those that seek His aid for wealth,
Get a deep blow in their health.

Only Jesus’ name can save,
Even ocean rave and wave;
Will not stop His faithful deal,
Only Christ-like wealth is real.

You shall eat the fruit of earth,
Fatty food untouched by mirth;
When you look for songs to sing,
Join the pure ones in their ring.

Wave 4: Win Your Crown

Sally on and win your crown,
Rushing on to wear the gown;
Soldiers born of Jesus’ blood,
Pushing on to serve your God.

Rally on like blameless lamb,
Thrust your chest like Holy Ram;
Time is ripe to bugle blow,
Wind the wind of Christ-like flow.

Hurry on to serve your Lord,
Oh ye thanes of olden ford,
Cork your gun and shoot your truth,
Let it war with Christ-like ruth.

Hasten on to meet the host,
Follow life like Holy Ghost,
Hasten, legions filled with shine,
Serve Christ now without a pine.

Thank you lord for calling me,
Calling me from dreadful sea;
Sea of raging tongues that sway,
Pulling me from earthly ray.

Wave 5: Angel’s Dance

Be the rig of happy tops,
Dancing free in verdant copse;
Dance like maiden caught in trance,
Jigging free in angel’s dance.

Be the song of happy lips,
Drinking wine with happy sips;
Be the wine the Christ loves most,
Cana’s wine of lasting boast.

Be the breath of happy priest,
Serving God with envy least;
Making vows of faithful work,
Not perturbed by Devil’s lurk.

Be the shining sun of day,
Blooming fresh like youthful May;
Sprouting works of angels seed,
Breeding fresh like coral beads.

Be the star that lights the earth,
Let your deeds be heaven’s birth;
Birthing truthful songs of flower,
Much like Christ with divine power.

Wave 6: Seek the Land.

Seek the land where hair won’t hoar,
Even land that love will roar;
Land with Jesus’ band of gold,
Crystal  bright and fully bold.

Seek the land where skins won’t sag,
Where young bodies will not rag;
Land of marbles fairly bright,
Lighting it with solar light.

Seek the land where day won’t cease,
Night is marching  out to please;
Light of day is all you feel,
Seething you with unction real.

Seek the land where lie is dead,
Not to sprout its ugly head,
Piercing through like rabid dogs,
Prowling low like lowly frogs.

Seek his land and gladden Christ,
He shall fill your age with spright ;
Happy children at your bed,
Wealth and health to crown your head.

Wave 7: Lion

Like a royal mighty lion,
Combing through the crags of Zion;
Walk the path of glorious light,
Voiding all the works of night.

We have sung the word of faith,
Unafraid of frightful wraith;
Blooming pure like purple flower,
Coming true this joyous hour.

Speak the word of life to hearts,
Free them now from fearful starts;
Divine words shall search like scouts,
Budding facts like floral sprouts.

Talk the word of faith to lives,
Let them dance the holy jives;
Let it fill your life with hope,
Cleansing you with Seraph’s soap.

Now we speak the words of Christ,
Jesus’ words of holy tryst.
So we do the deeds of God,
Prodding on like faithful cod.

Wave 8: Sing It Soft

Praises sing when things are bad,
Praises give when terms are sad,
Sing your praise like Christ-born child,
Sing it soft and sweet and mild.

Turn your saddest terms to gold,
Let it not with pity rolled.
Praise the lord with joyful song;
Sing to Him when terms are wrong.

Tongues are meant to change your luck,
Curing skins from tear and ruck;
Righting souls to happy times;
Saving them from evil climes.

Use your tongue and gain your health,
Let it be your glorious wealth.
Tongues shall be your faithful guard,
Singing true like Jesus’ bard.

Let your words be few and sweet,
Let them taste like sugar beet;
So like Christ you say, the words,
Brushing off the Devils birds.

Wave 9: Floating Free

Come, Our Lord, our sins to caulk,
Make us free like gladsome cork;
Cork of life as free as air,
Floating free to regions fair.

Come, Our Lord, our lives to bless,
Make us not depend on less;
Bless our lives with ample deal,
Press it full with dainty real.

Come, Our Lord, our cups to fill,
Heal us so with heaven’s pill;
Make our lives a dainty feast,
Far removed from Devil’s beast.

Come, Our Lord, and bless our booth,
Let it glint like Cherub’s tooth;
Raving full with heaven’s own
Not disturbed by earthly loan.

Come, Our Christ, and make us rich,
Shove us far from dreadful witch;
Trying hard to wet our joy,
Let us float like happy buoy.

Wave10: Let Christ Be

Palter not the things of truth,
Let Christ be your righteous booth;
Sheltering you with heaven’s ray,
Blest and rich like light of day.

Scatter nor the things of joy,
Prod along like happy Roy;
Ambling free like choicest king,
Tongue in mouth His song to sing.

Falter not the work of day,
Let it beam its brightest ray,
Hovering soft like dreams’ lost light,
Dancing in a noon-lit night.

Pander not the work of flesh,
Troubles thrive there raw and fresh.
Seek the spirit’s works of love,
Floating high in form of Dove.

Squander not the days of youth,
Fill your heart with love and ruth;
So that when your age is  bent,
Your works come to prove your bent
Wave 11: Money Lust.

Oodles fill the mind with greed,
Only Christ will cure your need;
Come to Him when things are rough,
He is there to prove enough.

Money lust is grave of doom,
Only Christ is precious boom.
Come to Him with open hands,
Marking Him from timeless sands.

Crave not long the wealth of earth,
Melting fast from blazing hearth,
Seek ye first the wealth of Christ,
Budding so with youthful spright.

Seek the wealth that will not spoil,
With hands glad and free from toil;
Work with spirit‘s zeal and drive,
 To fame souls and love revive.

Money’s grace will come to you,
If Christ’s love is all you view.
Money sense will come to me,
Opened wide like heaven’s sea.

Wave12: His Zest and Might

Blab your deeds and lose your soul,
Silent deed will heal your sole
Left hand doubts the works of right,
So we draw His zest and might

Show your works and lose the way,
Hidden works will shine like ray,
Heaving high above the skies,
Brightly lit for human eyes.

Publish virtues not for all,
Let them be for those with call,
Hide your virtues, make them grow,
Then they’ll shine and beam and show .

Do not rent your deed like fools,
Folly lives in them and drools,
Virtue grows in silent cells,
Singing thence with Jesus’ bells.

Lock your door and say your prayer,
Say it there in words so fair,
This is what our Jesus willed,
Prodding us to richest field.

Wave13: Smart Grace

Smart grace caught in gruesome duel,
Do not stay your mind and dwell.
Raise your minds to Jesus mine,
Gallop through like Jesus’ kine.

Scapegoat marred with others crime,
Filling you with awful grime.
Do not bare your mouths and cry,
Let the light of Jesus pry.

Some are wrongly free to sin,
Others often led to gin;
Gin of sin does wreck the heart,
Making room for Devils dart.

Some are striped for sins not done,
Other wiped for sins undone;
Others towed like common thieves
Soon to rise like Josephs’ sheaves.

Take your ships and have your crown;
Wear you purple hat and gown,
When you search for Jesus’ health,
You shall feed of earthly wealth.

Wave 14: Cast Away Your Sins.

Slough your sin like snake its skin,
Free from death and gruesome sin;
Run to Jesus for your grace,
Mark His feet and blameless face

Throw your sins like heavy load,
Avoid them like ugly toad.
Follow not the deeds of flesh;
Jesus’ words will free from mesh.

Run from sins like blazing fire,
Do it now with full desire,
Let it be your daily zeal
 Pursue it with Jesus’ feel.

Flee from sins like heaven’s bird,
Strap your waist with Jesus gird;
Let truth be your only law,
Let truth be your passion raw.

When you gird your mind with truth,
You will eat from Jesus booth;
Wealth shall be your silent race,
Health shall be your common grace.

Wave 15: Heaven’s Realm

Smirking ‘apes’ shall jeer at you,
Baring grins in ugly view;
They shall drown your barren state
Jeering in with teeth of fate.

Children joy at heaven’s realm
Bright and fair with Jesus’ beam;
Boon will solely come to those
In whose hearts Jesus’ words rose.

Let your virtues flow like rain,
Like some shiny horses’ mane;
When you come to world of time,
You should sing your hymns in rhyme.

Let the mockers jeer and go,
You shall beam like light and glow;
Time will surely heal your sore,
Time will sooner calm your bore.

Jesus’ words will give you life,
Even children without strife;
They shall lift want from your feet
Singing sweet like sugar beet.

Wave 16: Sons of Humankind

Satan gulling souls to death,
Gulls of hearts with bitter mirth;
Flee from Him with all your mind,
All you sons of humankind.

 Do not seek His wealth and fame,
Seek no more His hideous name;
Avoid Him like rotten egg.
Avoid still His sinning leg.

Some pursue for earthly health,
Some explore for greedy wealth;
Health and wealth will come to ruins
When it comes from Satan’s runes.

Come to Jesus, oh my friend,
Flee from hell and deadly Fiend.
It is time to do your good
Shun the words of Satan rude.

You that flee from Satan, come;
Let us drink sweet Jesus’ rum;
Children playing at your feet,
Health and wealth to be your meet.

Wave 17: Love

 Jesus’ time has swallowed Death,
Love has crushed its ugly wreath,
Smashing all the works of doom,
Bringing us to happy boom.

Let us bless His precious blood,
That is what behooves our God;
Pouring blessing fresh on us;
Saving us without a loss.

Let us bless His sweetest name,
Feeding souls with glorious fame;
If we toe His most blest steps,
We shall drink of angel’s peps.

Let us plead His faithful words,
Filling us with heaven’s curds
Raining down upon our lives,
With rare rush of heaven’s jives.

Let us kiss His holy beard,
Saving souls from bloody dread;
If we give Him love enough,
We shall void the Devil’s surf.

Wave 18: His Holy Hands

Let us bide His holy hands,
Hands of Christ with healing sands;
If we kiss His hand for lore,
We shall joy with much and more.

Shout unto the lord of host,
Raise your voice to Holy Ghost;
Shout of joy from heaven come,
Singing us a sweet welcome.

Shout with joy your time is ripe,
Finding love in His fair stripe;
When we shout our praise to Him,
We are filled with sacral vim.

Shout your praise with holy love,
Let it glide  and rise above,
Rising up to regions fine,
Blessing men and works and kine.

Shout your praise and save your soul,
Only if you mark His sole,
Sing His works like prettiest job,
Singing same as olden Job.

Wave19: If You Sing

Shout your praise and gain your wealth,
Pressing down with sanely health;
If you sing this song of praise,
God will give you copious raise.

Cast your hands upon that pain,
Let your virtues flow like rain;
Flowing fast like liquid blest,
Healing spots and pains in breast.

Lay your hand upon that ache,
Do it real for Jesus’ sake;
Humble it with might of light,
Do it right with Christ’s own might.

Put your hand upon that sore,
Make it not your daily bore;
Lay your hand and do the deed,
Let it bloom like Jesus seed.

Bang your hand upon that woe,
Fill it then with gentle blow,
Cut your sorrows short with joy,
Slash it now like maiden coy.

Wave 20: Let It Be

Speak the word upon that want,
Let it be your precious wont;
Cutting all the works of fiend,
Bringing in our Jesus’ friend. 

Worship God with all your might,
Do not do it so by sight;
Let it be with all your soul,
Singing Him from pole to pole.

Serve the lord with all your strength,
Let it be with all your breath;
Bow to Him like loyal priest,
Saving weak from greedy beast

Praise the lord with all your mind,
Not only in season kind.
Serve Him now with fervent zeal,
Getting close to Jesus’ feel.

Serve the lord and have your good,
Stay apart from felons rude;
Walk the path that Jesus paved,
Have your name in the book of saved.

Wave 21: Deeds of Yore

Do the jolly deeds of yore,
Let them wave from shore to shore;
Floating on the regions fair,
Blessing us by Jesus’ fare.

Make your hearts for knowledge yearn,
Let it be the pains you earn,
Filling you with Jesus’ wine,
Purest from the trees of vine.

Fill your soul with Jesus’ words,
Eating them like sweetest curds;
They shall be your food of soul,
Brushing off the Devil’s coal.

Fill your minds with word of life,
Singing them with lyre and fife;
They shall be your music sweet,
Songs for soul and Christ to meet.

Let your souls be soaked in song,
Sweetly played with Jesus’ gong;
They shall be your daily dance,
Saving you from Devil’s prance.

Wave 22: Sing the Song of Life

Sing the song of life to all,
Let them hear His holy call;
Call to claim the things of wealth,
Fully pressed with heaven’s health.

Like a king riding His bay,
Pours His voice with frightening bray;
Chasing pain and want from us,
Guiding all without a loss

Like a king riding His horse,
Come His men with frightful force;
Gliding down the hearts of men,
Like a fair cock with its hen.

Like a king riding His mule,
Gallops to His regal rule;
Ambling all His stress away,
And His anger not to stay.

Like a king riding His ass,
Browsing on the beauteous grass;
Draining all His passions bare,
Like a love song that is rare.

Wave 23: Down on Us

Let us be the king of hearts,
Scattering all the Devil’s darts;
Pouring down sweet heaven’s cup,
Down on us as daily sup.

Chary speech will save your soul,
Spare your words to make you whole;
Let your words be “yes” and “no”,
Rolling down with Christ-like glow.

Let your sweet word rule the day,
Let them rise like brightest May;
Full of faith and beauty bright,
Flowing down like choicest light.

Let your words be few and just,
Ringing true without rust;
Iron sword from finest steel,
Cutting hearts like shocking eel.

Let your words be few and pure,
Downing dew from heaven sure,
Pouring down the veins of earth,
Healing it from brazen hearth.

Wave 24: Speak Your Words

Speak your words in hobble spots,
Cleans them now from painful cuts;
Speak it now in Jesus’ way,
Talking bold to rule your day.

Scummy dross are skimmed from hearts,
Troubling souls like Odin’s  carts;
Evil deeds are washed from brains,
Filling souls with Jesus’ rains.

   Now I’m clean and free from sin,
Searching now for Jesus’ gin;
Gin of life that’s free from strife,
Dinning souls with angel’s fife.

Wash me now from burden gross,
Make me free from sin and dross;
Make me light with Jesus’ words,
Sating me like happy birds.

Wipe my tears from sins of yore,
Let me toe your holy lore;
Lore of yours with cherubs’ light,
Fully blest with angels’ might.

Wave 25: Make Me Shine

Make me shine like silver steel,
Proudly stamped with Christ like seal;
Seal of hope with angel’s joy,
Blooming free like happy soy.

Wondrous good is come to me,
Come to me like purest bee;
Pouring down to bless my day,
Like a pure queen in her play.

Jesus’ good is here and now,
Blessing me with gentle plough;
Sowing good in my dear life,
Reigning sure to wipe my strife.

When we think the toils gone bye,
Pricking hearts like Satan’s lie;
Then we smile with childlike hope,
Freeing selves from Satan’s rope.

Now we know that Christ has come,
Radiant still in divine form,
Curing ills form hearts and souls,
Feeding us with heaven’s roles.

Wave 26: Wondrous Goods

Wondrous goods are come to us,
Saving us from sin and fuss,
Leading us to happy light,
Free from darkest sins of night.

Compote sweet as sugar beet,
Fill our souls like sumptuous wheat;
Bringing Jesus’ day of feast,
Saving us from evils’ beast,

Songs of rhymes are food for hearts,
Filling sprites   from Satan’s darts;
Rhymes so sweet for hearts to bear,
Cleansing us from sin of fear.

Honeyed tunes shall heal your mind,
 Blessing you with mercies kind;
If you give your life to Christ,
Bubble then with youthful spright.

Christ shall make you whole and free,
Saving you from land and sea.
Evils from the darkest air,
Shall not come to stain your fare.

Wave 27: Dew from Heaven

Dew from heaven bright with zest,
Calming souls with godly rest,
Pouring down like sacred rain,
 Calms your mind your heart and brain.

Ingles dark with evil thought,
Scooped from chimney good for naught;
Crowd our minds from Devil’s pit
Straining hard for space to sit.

Christ has come to chase them far,
Stinging souls from Devil’s bar;
Causing fear in hearts of men,
Troubling them with wicked ken,

Christ has come to make us pure,
Leading all to heaven sure,
Looking sweet as pearly gates,
Paying souls with angel’s rates.

Christ has come to make us good,
Chasing us from things pure rude;
Even if fear rears its head,
It will come to naught by shred.

Wave 28: Jesus’ Name

Jesus’ name is all we need,
All me need as justice mead.
Let Him feed us now and here
Bread of heaven as our share.

Swig the truth from Jesus’ tube,
Let it be your cream and lube.
Drink to full His holy gin,
Let it bathe you free from sin.

Sup the lore of Cana’s wine,
Finest  from the trees  of vine.
Let it be your precious drink,
Soaking you with drinks that sink.

Drink the  chalice-vine of yore,
Let it be your holy lore,
Laws of yours with ancient seal,
Pour on us with angel’s zeal.

Sup your meals by angel’s feat,
Freshly sweet as seraph’s feet;
Let it be your spirit’s food,
Feeding you with Jesus’ good.

Wave 29:The Far Removed

Let you purses fill with dough,
Far removed from earthly woe,
Purses full and pressed with loam,
Making us the regal Rome.

Pander not your time away,
Start your work at dawn of day;
Do the things that matter first,
They must be your soulful thirst.

Loiter not your youth for fun,
  Spread your life’s hay in the sun;
Make it sound for all to see,
Forcing wealth to you and me.

Be the virgins fully clad,
Take the light that’s fair and glad;
Let them point the way to wealth,
Graceful still with Jesus’ health.

Be the maidens fully dressed,
Holding lamps and tools abreast;
Do your task while it is day;
Never with the slothful lay.

Wave 30: The Prayer

Let your duty be your prayer,
Working it in language fair;
Pray your work to be your toil,
Blooming rich in earthly soil.

Heaven’s wealth will be our weal,
Smoothly rich with Christ’s true seal;
It shall be my cup of joy,
Leading me with Jesus’ ploy.

Heaven’s wealth shall seal my life,
Brushing off all earthly rife;
It shall be my song of praise,
Urging me my voice to raise.

Heaven’s wealth is now my lot,
Not perturbed by earthly plot.
Then I spread my corals forth,
All to show my earthly worth.

Heaven’s wealth is here and now,
Richly tilth with angels plough,
Budding fruits and gladsome seeds
Like a whiz kid and His deeds.

Wave 31: Heaven’s Riches

Heavens riches, richly pressed,
Poured upon my wealthy breast,
Makes my joy at happy times,
Much like dough in higher climes.

Leave the worthless talk inane,
Flee from mad and those insane.
Come to Christ and have your fill,
Let Him be you drug and pill.

Flee from those with idle tongues,
 Let them ring their mouths as gongs,
Touch not free their rotten egg,
Words that forth from idle keg

Use your words as healing balm,
Brushing off the venom barm;
Make your words as soft as wool,
Let them be your healing tool.

Time is ripe to speak the word,
Let it be your fighting sword,
Sword that bubbles bright with life,
Smarting true like angel’s fife.

Wave 32: Speak the Word

Speak the word and heal all ills,
Climb your mountains dells and hills,
Christ-like words shall be your deal,
Filling you with unctions real.

Cast your bread upon the eau.
 Let it be in Jesus lieu;
Lovely wave from heaven sent.
Give it out with all your bent.

Give your life to save your friends,
Guide them right from evil fiends,
Give your time your friend to save,
Heaven’s surd shall be your lave.

Give your strength to save the poor,
Pour your strength on lowly boor,
Let it be their bathing cream,
Angel’s gift shall be your dream.

Give your time as Jesus did,
Give your time and do His bid;
Complain not of lazy bones,
Give them joy and ask no loans.

Wave 33: Give Your All

Give your all and get it back,
Suffer not again from lack.
Give your tenth in measured time,
Jolly in to richest prime.

Wafer not your tongues like fool,
Else it drowns you in its pool;
 Careless words are graves of doom.
Avoid them like witchlike groom.

Bide your time and say the word,
Let it flow like witty bird;
Flying sole to do the job,
Curing hearts from mournful sob.

Flee from sinful careless lips,
Luring you to sinful sips.
Flee from idle lips that tag
Purest souls with dirty flag.

Broach the angel’s keg of wine,
Flowing free from sinless vine;
Vine of life, from heaven come,
Blessing us with angel’s sum.

Wave 34: Healing Drugs

Words are healing drugs to mind,
Blessing flesh and all its kind;
Sousing us with riches best,
That will lead us to His rest.

Gabble not your words at prayer,
Let it ring like music fair;
Let it rise to regions bright,
Shining on from Christ-like  height.

Let your words be chaste and clean,
Partake not of worldly mean,
Boring things shall soil your soul,
Prodding you to Satan’s pole.

Blurt not words without a thought,
Do not gabble words for naught,
Words are horses pruned and tamed,
Riding smooth by princes famed.

Words are tools that built the earth,
Handsome tools with jolly mirth,
Singing songs to hearts and mind,
Pouring songs on humankind.

Wave 35: Jesus Christ

Words shall fill your heart with joy,
Saving you from Satan’s ploy;
Jesus Christ is God’s own word,
Feeding souls with human curd.

Rootle not like pigs for food,
Christ will surely do you good;
Seek the meal of godly  sup,
Pouring from God’s precious cup.

Rootle not like swine for drink,
Staining snouts with meals that stink;
Seek the meal of Jesus’ wine,
Growing in His splendid vine.

Do not stain your hands with dirt,
Or make haste to demon’s flirt;
Seek the right and holy path,
Moving far from Devil’s wrath.

Devils wrath is foiled like flag,
Staining souls like sooty rag.
Come to Jesus, wash your robe.
 Let it shine upon the globe.

Wave 36: Time

 Time has come to show your self,
Shun the rude and worldly pelf;
Seek the path of Jesus’ goal,
Wealth and health shall fill your soul.

Bugle song that’s sweet to hear,
Let it chase the passions drear;
Bugle songs of heaven’s dream,
Bathing souls with Jesus’ beam.

Flute the chants of heaven’s gold,
Let them ring with passions bold,
Gold of heaven free from stain,
Curing all our earthly pain.

Harping cants from happy mouth,
Singing north and singing south;
So we sing with Jesus’ zest,
Putting on His holy rest.

Cymbals clang the songs of love,
Singing nice with tunes above;
Time has come to sing and dance,
Chasing woe with Jesus’ lance.

Wave 37: Tunes of Christ

Guitars play the tunes of Christ,
Fully blest like pleasing cyst;
Christ is precious wealth of day,
Spreading health with gladsome sway.

Charnels scare the mind with pain,
Channel souls to Jesus reign,
Let them to His kingdom come,
Where they’ll feast in heaven’s plum.

Christ’s kingdom is far from sin,
Righteous souls are His dear kin;
Love has forth His lamp of faith,
Chasing death and ghostly wraith.

Christ shall fill our life with hope,
Bathing us with heaven’s soap;
Jesus brings us the words of zeal
Saving souls from evil keel.

Death is swallowed up and doomed,
Seek the prince that’s neatly groomed;
Riding ponies from Christ’s groove,
Riding on with God’s approve.

Wave 38: Regions Bright

Jesus’ reign is here and now,
Grip it friend, with holy vow.
It shall be your vow this night,
Sailing you to regions bright.

Spurn the deeds of demon’s due,
Let them be your daily rue;
Cast them from your vest and chest,
Let this be your passion best.

Dread the deeds that demons plan,
They won’t stand the test of man;
    Empty words like lazy wind,
Leading droves; for many sinned.

Shun the games that demon’s play,
Let your games be played by day;
Do not walk the path of fright,
Cutting souls from Jesus’ light

Works that demon’s do are bad,
Filling souls with fancies sad,
Let us seek the path of peace,
Pouring down like Golden Fleece.

Wave 39: Singing Wealth

Follow Christ and gain the good,
Even sumptuous wine and food;
Healthy children, table round;
Singing wealth with Jesus’ pound.

Darkness flee from hearts of gold,
Christ has made us fairly bold,
 Bracing souls with amour pruned,
Making us with God attuned.

Evil flee from souls of light,
Chasing far the evil sprite;
Love has crowned our faith with hope
Freeing us from darkest grope.

So with faith we sing His name,
Like some holy songs and game,
Games of heaven fair and sound,
Raising us to fruitful ground.

God’s fair light is there for us,
Loving us without a loss,
Braving wine like heaven’s rum,
Ringing tunes with fairest drum

Wave 40: He Will

Only Christly tunes are true,
He will see you through and through;
Through to regions blest with smiles,
Far removed from Satan’s wiles.

Praises sing in morning gay,
Praises sing at dawn of day,
Raising voices to the Lord,
Singing loud with one accord.

Raise your voice to Jesus love,
Praises sing as God’s love dove,
Praises sing when times are lean,
Praises sing when times are mean.

Praises sing when day light forth,
Praises sing of heaven’s worth,
Praises sing when times are fine,
Singing same with Jesus’ sign.

Raise your voice and praise good times,
Praises sing to joyous climes,
Praises sing with happy face
Praises sing as gladsome race.


Raise your face and Jesus praise.
He will give you heaven’s raise,
And a jolly life to lead,
Blessing you with heaven’s seed.

Raise your voice and praise the Lord,
Let this be your holy sword;
Slicing all the works of sin,
Filling you with cherub’s gin

Raise your hearts and touch his vest,
Don your heads with holy crest;
Let love be your shield in life,
blocking all your daily strife.

Raise your minds and cry for love,
Be as calm as Holy Dove;
Goodly things shall come to you –
Good, to make the Devil rue.

Raise your soul and do good works,
Laugh away all evil lurks;
Jesus’ name is saving lave,
Only Jesus’ name can save!

Book Two 

Jesus’ Chant – Divine Weapon (In Haikus).

Agharowu Eyebira  Emmanuel (Honsbira)

Original invocation:
 Invoking an Haiku Master

Forgive me, Benshu,
If I misgive with your style.
Stand aloof awhile.

  Forgive me, Benshu.
This hour, we know who is who;
 Hot thoughts, burnt ado?

         Forgive me, Benshu,
         If I jag your ancient view,
         As though haze in view.

Forgive me, Benshu.
If my winter is jagged,
         Still, to trace the queue.

Forgive me, forgive.
         Thoughtful midnight mostly lone,
         Like Jesus’- alone.

  Forgive me, Benshu.
  Coffined in dews of hot days,
   Seeking Haikus’ ways.

Forgive me, Benshu.
The earlier you do, the worse.
Teach me the new course.

       Bubble 1: The Lord’s Deed.
The Lord’s deeds in view,
                     Satan’s stanced  to Him in queue,
                     In those days not few.

Vanishing so soon?
The praiseworthiness of God
Stands tall in our noon.

Forget not God’s love,
From which we are truly cursed,
Like the errant dove?

Glue me to your grace;
For with lies I keep my pace;
All the hours in days.

For min. after min. -
Yes, seasonally, yearly,
Tell me the holy!

When we are lonely,
Oh Lord, cure our loneliness;
Capped by our fooly.

I thought we were wise,
But such silly things we were
When Christ’s guts arise.

From here into grace,
In our proud and growing race,
Now, we have a case.

                      Yes, these are my hands,
                        In shake with some dirty gangs,
                     Today, in new bands.

My legs for the Lord;
My hands shall play strings to God;
Albeit filthy chord.

I know my son-ship,
David tended the Lord’s sheep,
In trance, in full sleep.

Bubble 2: In Those Days.

Times past, we were none;
Today, today, we are one;
So, others I warn.

We are born anew;
Before, we were who we were.
God sees who is who.

Christ decorates flower;
Men decorate no better;
Do, during prayer.

He  decorates, flower;
In dell and topest tower,
Through and round the hour.

He  decorates, flower;
When all beauties shrink and lower,
This we call “Teacher”.

He decorates flower;
So are fish: ask the father;
Flower as love Asher.

He decorates, flower;
Don’t discriminate, not now;
Till love be over.

Can love be over?
Now full of hours to compare,
We do not know where.

Let’s sound the kola;
There is no time to prepare;
Is it tear or wear?

Now or the other,
One has no choice, near or bare;
Till all, flare and fair.

Bubble 3: The Force in Force

With His force in force,
In this special time, of course,
Let’s seek Christ at worse.

This move is our source;
Our min. is God’s; but because
We don’t take real course.

.“ If you have long faith,
There’s no limit to your dare”.
In Heaven, or where?

Oh, do the Lord’s words,
                           We see no time (Noon) or Gross,
                           Again, but a loss.

Do you know the cause?
The Lord is the Lord, not a loss;
On seas, and on shores.

Then, there are no laws;
There was chaos all hours in Jos ;
Sliming like okros.

The Nile let us cross;
Elijah’s White Rain I was;
White, like Jesus’ horse.

In the days of Ruth,
There are some voids of truth
Like Naomi and Ruth.

This Naomi of old,
Like Mandela of today,
Must come down, I say.

Forward leap backward;
Backward jump to the future;
 Daily, Christ at fore.

Ejaculation 4: God, Slow to Anger.

God, slow to anger!
How long shall your anger last?
I am a sinner!

But now, I’m saner;
In the face of God’s anger,
I sail, ancient schooner.

God’s law, well given;
Now, now, things are not even –
 Pasted in heaven.

Change the world for good;
Japan’s shores to Manitoba,
Before October.

Use us as a force,
In new Reformation Drive,
Jesus’ scions, of course.

Your rule we want most,
As we want, we shall not boast;
Inland, at the coast.

Thaw now, old, old  frost,
Now, white sprites yearn for you,
Free, but at all cost.

Yes! We are true dust,
This year we crave for worst,
Life in Christ, robust.

Not being alright,
Gliding like the Trojan horse,
We head through the night.

We then meet with luck,
Toiling day and night for Christ;
A cock sounds our clock.

Bubble 5: Nature’s Blanket

On Nature’s blanket,
We lie low like time cricket,
Waiting for Jesus.

Christ’s my time giver;
There is no other teacher,
Yahweh or Allah.

Twilight was crimson;
Around the dawn, was Samson,
In Jesus’ reason.

Our hair, red, rains scythe;
Not we, but nature is blithe;
“Jesus”, give us kite.

Rocks wither in frost;
Only in the Lord we boast,
Clinging at all cost.

At last, it’s comfort;
Hard with hard alike can fight.
Christ, helping a lot.

At last, we are great,
Before now, no one had rate;
In full love and hate.

True like land, like sea,
We must all stand akimbo,
Sprites at Peter’s See.

In Christ, do not mind,
All our world, a world forward;
Like old king Edward.

Christ’s reality
And contra-humility -
Time of unity.

Bubble 6: Spread Out

Christ’s Grace, not too old,
Today’s graces, a hot gold,
Spread out, never fold.

Jesus rules the world;
The world with sins is too cold;
Warmth, Jesus’ myrrh’s mould.

Ideas on land,
But Christ’s stars keep the sky lit;
Nights in Maryland.

Hope void for Esther.
Chew hope at siesta;
Song: Jesu Castra.

Foul men: don’t utter.
Christ now, or hereafter.
No, on the altar!

Yes, astra castra!
In times pre-Christ, priced omen.
Astra castra, numen lumen.

Unchristed Canaan,
Must kiss some barren Cana -
End-time hosanna!

In Jesus’ Canaan,
We took spring wine, saner,
Quoting like Homer.

In Jesus, sunny,
Hours hard in the beach Miami,
Quotes Agronomy.

This agronomy
And ancient Christology
Is ability.

Bubble 7: The Gods Are God’s

The gods are our God’s;
Small gods honouring Big God,
Make all days the Lord’s.

David Livingstone
Sprayed the gospel in mixed tone,
Keeping faith in cone.

Human’s Holy Sprite!
I do not know when to write;
Holy creed to cite.

Man of ancient stance,
This stance is like Renaissance;
Those days, for instance.

Today, and now, now,
There is not sweet wine at last,
Save at Jesus’ brow.

Morn in Ohio,
Or noon in Kurosiwo:
This in Christology show.

Per second killer:
We are safe through Jesus’ Time,
Per second healer.

The Sahara, ill;
At dusk, or mildest midday,
All these Jesus feel.

Christ in Cecily;
Here we are not far from home;
Early, readily.

.Let’s sing loud this hymn,
Jesu’s foefuls in Berlin,
Holy day to win.

Bubble 8: Leap to God

What is hiding for?
Center of this divine law
Is here, heretofore.

Shan’t this cease to be?
Day and night paying the fee?
Bee, come - Jesus’ bee.

Spared life, never keep;
Now, leap to God in one leap;
As Christ Jesu’s  sheep.

Regional Divide;
Christ universalities
Stone foes to ride.

Christ speaks out the fact;
The fact that real truth we lack;
Time brings lost truth back.

Jesus in our back;
God going ahead   to mark
Real faith in a pack.

Faith brings lost truth back;
Rise up again; though suppressed :
Weak Truth, you are blessed.

Now, where is love’s form?
The act of faith, being twofold,
Young Christian, be told.

Tyros shall turn old,
Jesus shall send down no yore;
Save these rocks of more.

Why we quote lord’s law,
Seasons of the favourites
Come as daily rites.

Bubble 9: Pure History

It is pure History;
When in Christ’s carnivory;
Not herbivory,

So, reality
In the Lord’s own verity
Is Christianity.

In days of modernity
Is ability.

All eyes look to God;
Not all eyes look to the lord,
This season, reason.

I say: “Christ, I beg:
In sleep, do me your undo;
By touching this leg.

Christ said: “Ballam,
Go on, but touch not the horse.
Take good time from Sam.”

Oh Christ, Love is stone;
The fact of Christ crows as one,
Old fact, none to none.

Green Christ contains starch
 In those days no one did watch
Jesus Christ as such.

Shooting sore whore-dom,
Duals drawn in want of freedom;
Pray for days to come.

Jesus, win at last;
The ancient iconoclast,
Quoted as true caste.

Bubble 10: One People, One Love

Evil days, in ring,
We shall dance Jesus, one day;
David draws the sling.

Pirate and robbers,
Quiet ancient disorders,
Jesus bids you come.

One people, one love.
There is no love in foul move
Save in hours of Christ.

The earth needs one law;
One people, diverse colour;
Winter, summer, fused.

When the deed is foul,
We no longer need the owl,
But feed in Christ, chaste.

The word is not mine,
And  Christ, singing all the time,
Can add 8 and 9.

Were I a pigeon,
With components like engine,
I would preach like Paul.

Oh Melchizedek!
Today, today, I’m in wreck;
All eyes, blocked with speck!

In the beginning;
When our lives had not begun’
Jesus had His gun.

It will meet you, bare;
Christ can kill as well as save
At all times, too rare.

Bubble 11: Divine Tone

Pick God’s heart to use;
You will never give to lose;
It’s a divine tune.

Give your life to Christ.
It means “living through karast”
To days without end.

At times, Saadi, says:
‘Evil culture never stays
Now, or tomorrow’’.

The wicked must shrink.
Day and night evil they think.
There shall be no link.

Now I must be wise;
Paul days and ill evil strike;
When confusions rise.

Grow to grip the truth.
Allow the truth set you free;
Like the case of Ruth.

Role on Christ silver;
For ever and for ever;
All ills shall be still.

We are Jesus’ Taught;
Our life style shall shape our thought;
Who does not know this?

Christian life is pun;
Your gain being those you won -
All the seasons long.

January we came up:
Every time He sees us here;
Jesus is on top.

Bubble 12: Jesus’ Face is real

Sometimes, we do feel,
When we lie low in the keel,
Jesus’ face is real.

Development low,
Gives way to times of high growth.
Bow, disquiet, bow.

Christ’s bridges, my dear,
Which he makes on time hollow,
Save us well and there.

All satanic ploy
In hills of holy employ
Gives evil its coil.

New satanic ploy;
Is to evil ones a buoy
Unsought by Christ’s  boy,

Who is lord’s in deed;
And who is not lords indeed;
It’s time in need!

Autumn and spring hour,
Jesus never gives a dive
Towards the cheater.

Winter or Summer;
In pinned pains, do not hammer,
Just say Jesus’ prayer.

In winter or Summer;
The heads of foes we hammer,
With holy clobber.

Winter or Summer,
These seasons of Satan’s trials
Follow the better.

Bubble 13: In this Neither Nor

In this neither nor,
Yes! Nor mower, nor flower;
Will keep me lower.

In a neither nor,
Jesus Christ wants to say pure
Things in a time poor.

In a neither nor;
Which is not an either or,
Open your time door.

For in a neither,
As well as in either, our
Jesus is true door.

Peter’s See, smarter,
In seasons of holy trials
Feeds who is better.

Feeding the better,
When the best of us is worse,
Seek the way other.

During my fiesta,
I was woken by old Paul
For me to enter.

Paul of holiest call;
There is no time for the Paul
Save he that won’t fall.

Christ, oh Jesus Christ!
We are doomed; come, come, see how;
Christ, all day we bow.

Paul, my Holy Paul;
Biology of faith we learn,
 Playing the lord’s ball.

Paul my holy Paul;
For us, a time to prepare;
None of us love fall.

Bubble 14: When he Returns

Oh, when he returns,
With the angels we shall be;
Like strange, some new nuns.

When leaves are greener,
And starch grains in them, richer,
It could be summer. 

When leaves are greener,
And starch grains in them, whiter,
It could be Jesus.

In summer we cry;
Now, we are in plenteous lie;
Yet, in want we ply.

We groan in our lack;
Newest times in Jesus’ State
Sews sound singings lark!

Though I do not know;
There’s no day I love to see
His why and His how.

Come down, father’s wine;
St. Paul’s academic show
Through ages do blow.

Age and age is oh;
Newer hours to come again
The lord’s creed maintain.

Age and age will flow;
Newest times will be coming;
Beauty’s flow not low.

In worse or better,
Autumn or spring, we are best
More so, the later.

Bubble 15: Deep Blue sea

The deep sea is blue
Day, dark; night, the sky is white
Earth, washed in Christ’s dew.

The sea, deep, below;
The astra sky, high above,
Christ boys, in between, grow.

Summer: tree drop caps;
Winter: beauteous flowers fade;
Above, Christ’s fluids saps.

We are not at home;
The heavens, as our home, stand;
As we kiss red loam.

Now, to kiss the loam?
Oh, Jesus, I shall not die;
Though there is my home.

They did not need Paul;
Grand stance made them so;
Now, we hear His call.

He gave us no task;
Now, great God, do give us strength;
On sweet hours to bask.

We hold destiny;
Now, no song of rebellion;
 To Christ’s Ebony.

On Christ’s Ebony?
Oh, my God, when shall I be?
When with such as He?

Soft, soft hours we want;
We wear Michael’s coat in front;
Just to meet at last.

The whole land, unchaste,
This as the best of them all,
Sweet times face we taste.

Bubble 16: Transversal

In Ecology,
Yes, the church universal
Is a transversal.

What is transversal?
We know that you know! But what?
Forward? Reversal?

It is Jesus’ Law.
Cut parallel lines, therefore:
Equals are at fore.

Alt. angles, equal,
Transversals on lines at par,
It’s a law for all.

Before Christ Jesus,
No time for bars of colours –
Be on the true course.

Christ’s mouth never lies;
The morn fronds point to tall skies
Where the Real Life lies.

Oh our wells are dry;
With rock heart, He makes it flow;
All the time, we try.

“Take water and drink.”
But do you own the water?
Are you the springer”.

From God’s spring, I sip;
For Jesus’ yore I apply;
From God’s fruit, I reap.

Christ was on errand;
Though alone, was not let down,
In twilight or dawn.

Bubble 17: Black osmosis

Black is osmosis;
Today, all tend to Moses;
Christ has no classes.

With foes we contend;
To a time that shall not end;
To God’s taste we tend.

Having been despised,
Now, Christ in a sacred seed;
He gives growth, indeed.

When a man shall think,
He thinks not of himself;
Man is God’s own self.

Christ Zion lions;
In dens in the night hungriest,
Chasing no scions.

The morrow is known;
But all is unknown, today;
Jesus is the way.

How is tomorrow?
Only today we do know -
Jesus in Toto.

No! It’s progression;
Christ’s Imitation.

Contents of last year
Will be off-loaded today;
Hear, Jesus, hear.

She stores sweet water;
The coco-nut has no duct;
Ask Christ, the teacher.

                  Bubble 18:  I Know God’s norm.

Now, the days are gone!
Now, the divine hour has come!
Now, I read God’s norm.
Learning from God’s mind,
Diving from woe to Lord’s land,
Heaven’s creeds to mind.

All the time, I laugh!
As I laugh, phlegm cracks my throat,
Making fruits from dough.

Honour the maker;
Jesus, the son, honours Him -
(The great breath giver).

Think of Him always;
Our decadence is a case
In this human race.

We must face the way;
For a prophet gone astray
Must have lost all day.

We are for Jesus;
When God conducts the census,
It is rich, of course.

Was Jesus’ Face there?
A due from the hereto-fore,
Jonah leaps offshore.

Must I work in vain?
Give me love to share like rain
Life eggs lives contain.

We shall live again!
Kill me with grace, Christ Jesus;
I am yours in course.

Bubble 19:

Let us sing Dave’s song,
Tones of Pentecost, “ding, ding”
As in David’s sling.

Time, send us our day –
The day Christ Jesus will pray;
Even, if in May.

And the time shall come.
Though now, real truth shall not form,
It shall come in storm.

No one knows, but me;
Christ grace spread across Miami;
Loved like Naomi

In old days - I mean
New crave have been
Worshiped, chaste and clean.

From here chant “holy.”
No one is chaste – He only;
All the day lonely.

Now, that love is rare -
Hate of sin for love to be
Like the sun, is clear.

We know we shan’t wear;
So much my God you I fear;
I won’t wear or tear.

You are on the throne.
This hour, I am on the chair;
Your good health to share.

It is neither n or,
That today I go to sheol,
Being a minor.

Bubble 20:  Where is Our Due?

Lord, which is our due -
Day of sadness, day of joy!
Give me joy in dew.

How great is your name?
We are too bold to want to know;
But sometimes, somehow...

One needs know the fluid;
Even breasted by Mother,
One needs the father.

Holy needs, we need;
To grow in the divine seed,
Waywardness to weed.

On mountains or lakes,
Save my life and let me be,
In the wind or lee.

There’s no strength in me
Save in me some holy bones
Till these come to thee.

Pigeons always fly;
Wingless aphids fear at them;
Before same I lie.

Pigeons always fly;
Round the ages in cliques,
I work it in pi

Pigeons always fly;
Elephants into the sky,
Come to hours lower.

Pigeons always fly;
Now, I too shall fill the pie,
Flying and higher.

Bubble 21: The Titicaca

Silence of a bee;
This Hume, sweet diameter,
Lake Titicaca.

Jesus in the lee
Gives us good time in the prairies;
The Pampas like He.

Silence of the bee;
Yorubas pray with obi
Tapping times from God.

Silence of the bee;
This is winter of soldiers.
It may not be free!

Silence of the bee,
Jesus’ mien in happy days,
Float like manatee.

Oh my divine mine!
Gold and silver are not mine!
In your face I shine.

You are beauteous fine
Like diurnal array of kine,
I long for your line.

Behind Christ I queue.
Who is who at Heaven’s Gate?
Golden throne in view?

Jesus’ law, too few;
Jesus’ saves, but not by law,
His grace hours in lieu.

But when am I safe?
Now or then – heaven above
At the feet of Dave?

Bubble 22: Think of God Always

Think of Him always;
My dissidence is a case;
Our all-time staircase.

We must face the Word;
For a prophet gone to bray
Must have missed the day.

Jesus is our keys;
Jumping off is holy spring,
Landing on real peace.

The man of the arc
Cannot be man of the sea;
The seas the arcs lack.

More are for Jesus.
When we conduct the census,
It is rich, of course.

Man is not holy;
But man, like God’s holiness,
Need time for newness.

We are like Hosea,
Sacrament in sacrament,
The end time is meant.

Oh, the truth is rum,
Nothing hides from the Father
True, judgment has come.

Alas, the last day;
From the very beginning,
Man thinks in His way.

Always too malign,
Evils we do to ourselves
On some concrete shelves.

Bubble 23: Truth is Hidden

No, truth is hidden;
Hitherto; falsehood prevailed;
Thus, the whole world failed.

Yes, the whole world failed;
The whole world is full of joy,
In Jesus’ employ.

In Jesus’ employ;
Because now glare focused,
Serious thought is caused.

Serious thought are caused;
This period is plain enough;
There is no cause of cough.

Seeds of hope shall thrive.
If not watered by man’s pride,
Newer hours reside.

Are lies good relish,
Or customs of Bangladesh
To those Jesus-fresh?

Coming in columns,
We go with peace in alarms,
This year as Abram’s.

Our year is Abram’s;
We ailed, faced by back of God.
Solve this out in surd.

Give us love in surd,
A law that will create us new
             Dawns -
Fresh Australian dawns.                                                

Below and upon,
Disobedience weighs us hard
When we draw bad card.

Guide us aright, guide.
We are down we want to glide.
Ride with the lord, ride.

The fears of purism
I spring mount on the pilgrim
Though wholesome they seem.

Too good, and extant;
Not meant for the aberrant,
Is the creed we chant.

These few days are come;
Many, many things in sum;
These can make us dance.

These days how we dance
Is different from days olden;
The truth not hidden.

Bubble 24: Take Me In

This time, take me in;
God, remember not my sin.
I pray I will win.

Draw me near and now;
Left to the hawk, I’m a fowl;
Today’s Bashan cow!

We do not love, God;
We love His makings than Him,
We will love God, lord.

In our search for yore,
And backing you, hind to fore,
We grip days of law.

In  modern Eden,
When our lives are not yet stern,
It’s an hour hidden.

God’s scribe picked His pen.
God’s path we have failed to

God, we know not when!

Versed like new diadem,
We were too poor to learn them.
Oh Jerusalem!

Let’s pray as Paul prays,
Low, we lie to take vine tea -
No ability.

No alacrity!
With today’s wills of warrant,
We need God, really.

It is in God’s writ,
Sit in my holy spirit;
Then, the hour is meet.                                                          

Bubble 25: A New Born Son

The saying is true;
The days of lies shall be due;
Things shall become new.

Our God’s son born new;
By this I mean His new view,
Not fooled with  stained stew.

Love is in the bean;
Love is in the brown kidney;
In Ga or Sydney.

Make us love true love;
And so, have our souls above.
Truest time in move.

A good day shall come;
Segregation, not coming,
All will be loving’

Yes, all, full loving;
Love and joy will be ageing
To days unending.

These days unending;
Discrimination, ending,
Hope, we are singing.

Hope I am singing;
To hopeless victims sending,
The Lord’s might, descending.

Onto us peace, rain;
To wash in a holy cane
That ginned us to gain.

We are gained to gain;
Pelicans in the ocean,
An aquatic mien.

Bubble 26: We Cry

We have caused us woe;
To ourselves, You gave free peace;
All the day and now.

If the autumns fail,
And the summers all do frail,
Let winters, hard, nail.

New abode for spring.
Godly bell the spring clock now ring.
Great God, I must sing.

We cry for long life;
We frown not at woe in Fife,
This sharpens life’s knife.

Make our fall now near;
We near God we shall not die,
Unwholesome things wear.

Die to save the soul;
Save your lives to lose them all;
It’s an ancient call.

We sin, we do want.
Give us the heart of hard font,
Your old words in front.

Big, big men on board;
But my God said to my lord;
They are thin like chord.

Love fruit let me bite.
Give me a sit at your right hand
This chaste cause to fight.

Do not let me down;
Working in Colossi town,
Paul’s letter were sown.

Bubble 27: Jesus is Our Life

Jesus is our life;
In His hour, we seek no knife,
E’en if death is rife.

How do I escape?
I ran to the Tigris Cape -
Behind the ireful tape!

I am thin and spare;
But wisdom is the prime thing;
All times, never thin.

God, give me wisdom;
The world wide of fair princedom,
Goes like Lot’s Sodom.

For in Old Sodom,
Foul things unluckily done
Vexed God, all alone.

They rang their small bell;
Those who had ears to hear did hear;
Soonest, there was fear.

The prophets Lot did hear;
The prophets he, with joy, beheld;
The prophets held Him dear!

The Angels – prophets;
Hard, determined like Japhet’s;
No force-man’s beret.

Now that these bells ring;
Not to kings, but to kinglets
At noon, cants we sing.

I pray for time to tell,
In the heavens or in hell,
I might ring the bell.

Bubble 28: Keep me Busy, God.

Keep me busy, God;
When at last in fate we see,
Vindicate me, lord.

I do hate my state;
When, at last, we meet in fate,
With truth we shall mate.

We are ignorant.
This signs I see everyday
Watch us, the errant.

Give us long life gourd,
Ours being cowardly short,
Needs a divine guard.

We played the bad card;
Year round, we try to be hard!
Ply with gong and bard.

Give me iron cap;
Let these thin hands play your harp,
And drink miring sap.

It’s not the content;
Its daily understanding;
Decides the extent.

It is not the fear;
Besides Christ and His grace,
Dried days drive drunk deer.

Let’s swallow bad word;
This will be the daily law
And our morning lore.

Teach the Didache
No time for the kalashi;
Most unused chin chin.

Bubble 29: Praying Alone Will Not Do

Praying will not do;
Keep me in a house of faith
In seasoned ado.

In pains, already
Like old hen laying her eggs,
Lord, I want to beg.

Beg? The Lord to beg?
Yes, plain plea is my nutmeg;
Wool-soft; hard like reg.

Ancient hues in want,
We must touch divine garment
To holy extent.

Like the clever thief,
We poised to grip real blessings,
Oozing from the Chief.

Oh, who is this Chief?
Now we ask “who is the thief?
Help us lord, help us!

We are far behind;
But minute after minute,
Lord to us, too kind.

The Lord is the Chief;
Soft lord, though hard in full challenge;
Helps the thieves to change

Let’s look on hard sin;
For now, God’s spirit rises;
To undo crisis.

To go is crisis;
Idea on us crosses;
Partial laws ceases.

Bubble 30: Ruth! Oh, Naomi

Ruth! Oh Naomi!
I call none but your old Word;
Old World! Yes, my Lord!

Some souls are deep,
Unlike dykes of Wyoming.
Yet, Christ is coming.

Inter- communication;
Thrive in Christ’s zion.

Christ’s function, soonest;
Our minds judge us behind time;
True, we’re in God’s nest.

How can we be last?
But how would we have been met?
The Lord’s die is cast.

When the die is cast,
Before the Great Judge, at last,
We long God - and fast.
We were together.
This long days of asunder
Make us yin and yang.

Alas! But I know!
I have strayed far off like lost ship;
Of me time will crow.

Alas! But I see!
Fleshly aspire of the time
Cuts the deepest sea!

.Alas! But I know!
This hardest stick time won’t bend;
To sheol death could send.

Bubble 31: My Lord

My Lord, run from you?
With the creed and hour in view?
My Lord, run from queue?

My Lord, my Jesus.
When the last days is the cause,
Keep me on the course.

We are one, oh lord.
Though like the land from the sea,
In one steam aboard.

Nor strong blocks as gourd,
Nor rocks, nor flesh, oh, nor blood
Will stop us, oh lord.

Nor wingless aphid;
Nor ointment of hot hard fluid,
Can meet our time need.

Oh we know, too well,
(though we did not know before),
Jesus is a well.

 Alas, But I know.
The rod is hard, its day, sweet
Eats lives – bit in bit.

Alas, I do know.
Sweet time will eat up itself
Like the balls that role.

Some souls are deep,
Unlike dykes of Wyoming.
Yet, Christ is coming.

My Lord, I won’t run.
When the wisest ostrich hides,
This is all a fun.


Bubble 32: Jesus, you are dearer,

Christ’s action is peace.
But, now, what peace can there be?
What foul days are these?

Yes, when feud births peace,
When the peace fails to birth war,
Round smiles drop the jaw.

In real Christ and growth,
Feuds won’t come; and e’en the moth
Takes its time with both.

It’s Christ all the year,
There is just one thing to fear:
Land drowned in peace, dear.

To make peace, oh, oh!
Growth and peace have but a foe.
To Christ’s hours they go.

Peace is a piece, oh.
To make peace, Jesus’s seeds crow –
Curved Colorado

The poised war has come.
The Prince of Peace is the war.
He give life new form.

The stanced wars are tame.
E’en in hour low as the kame,
Christ gives peace its name.

The stanced war will end.
When coals of peace descend,
God peace to us send.

The stanced dart will clash:
In summer; or in winter,
To the abyss dash.

Bubble 33: It Must Come to Be

1.    It must come to be
At last in Irrawaddy,
All we shall see.

2.    It must come to be,
With the spring coming lately,
Early, and really.

3.    It must come to be.
Where is the old promise of hope?
Is this still in scope?

4.    It must come to be.
None can say the exact hour:
It’s a mystic flower.

5.    It must come to be.
Man grope so much in drained dark,
Man, like Cape Town’s Shark.

6.    We must have our peace.
It’s not as easy as this:
Any Goddamn kiss!

7.    We must have our peace.
Peace come from the heart of war
Peace soft like time fur.

8.    This dreaded disease!
My so, this dreaded release!
Time shall cease with ease.

9.    Like sun on the mud,
When the day is most misty,
We are a new bud.

10.  Jesus sees us all.
Hide the heart, lay it prone,
He shall always call.

Bubble 34: He Shall Always

1.    Men are not as safe;
At creation they were so.
They witness hereto.

2.    Mean are not as safe.
In their heart they host the hours,
Latent evil doers.

3.    Crude, rude evil doers,
Man longs for hours to relent,
To any extent.

4.    To any extent,
We shall strive to break the jinx.
Come Oh Lord, in mix.

5.    Coming in true mix,
We won’t know him when he shows
As though in foul rows.

6.    Show in fair roles, show.
We don’t know; we want to know.
These wits at a go?

7.    Truce of God shall work.
In absence of evil ploy,
In a new employ.

8.    Yes, this truce shall walk
Like summer flowers on the stalk,
With health, bulk-in-bulk.

9.    I laugh! It must walk:
To and fro like day to day,
Like the life of hey.

10.  On this single way,
When on all ways they waylay,
“ The Lord’s name” we say.

Bubble 35: Read the mind of God.

1.    Read the mind of God.
The time of God none can say.
Tomorrow? Today?

2.    When, no one can tell.
Like Lawrence bell in the cell,
The end must be well.

3.    The end must be well.
The in-between has been bad.
For that, did the well.

4.    Shall we dig the well?
Is Jesus there in the dell,
Untouched by time spell?

5.    The best, seek Him out.
Do this: but not the low clout.
Tomorrow throughout.

6.    About tomorrow,
There is one sure thing to do:
Upwards we burrow.

7.    No contradiction!
When upward mankind burrows,
It shoots the arrow.

8.    The arrow of God!
All-time arrow of mankind;
A cure of a kind!

9.    Jesus is a cure;
He shall not cure all, for sure;
Moving shore to shore.

10. Plying sea to shore,
Stains in hearts shall be removed
From evil move moved.

Bubble 36: It is Time

1.    Shall I call now, Lord?
It is time, Lord, it is time.
Where are all on board?

2.    Seeds of hope shall grow.
Although we are barren now,
Some fresh hope must crow.

3.    Crowing like time cock,
Man should spare no time to wait,
The creed as the bait.

4.    With the creed as bait,
Heathens wait for us in vain,
Soaking in hot rain.

5.    With the rain as hot,
When winter winds are blowing,
We hide in the slot.

6.    The slot is God’s cone.
The slot shall destroy the cone,
All time, there is none.

7.    Let’s hide in the slot.
There’s time for anything;
E’en for the bird’s wings.

8.    God, show me all through;
I don’t know if I am true.
I see you are who.

9.    I need to grow old;
And to have money in hand;
In Christ to be bold.

10.  When in Christ I’m bold,
Then, the dragon must grow weak
Praying, week-to-week.

Bubble 37: I, Too, Week-to-week

I, too, week-to-week.
First day, I show my mind weak;
Leaving God to speak.

2. Leave the Lord to speak.
Talk to your God all the time;
Let no head be sleek.

3. Be not bold at Him;
Lean towards God and his means;
To know what time means

4. Be not proud with him;
Be proud in the name of God;
He that all things mean!

5. on what did he mount?
He mounted on the time horse,
With the course in course.

6. Where was he going?
Oh Holy Jerusalem!
Oh City Salem!

7. This is a new creed;
It seems mankind has not heard;
It crows like morn herd.

8. Hear the Lord, oh man!
Who fails to hear heard the wrong,
The morning wrong gong.

9. who does right, continue!
Who does wrong, oh continue;
Like Hooke’s retinue.

10. Like Hooke’s retinue,
Man’s acts are all elastic,
All the time, caustic.

Bubble 38. At Last, My brother.

1.    No matter how long,
When foul falsehood you do feign,
Death crowns your mien.

2.    No matter how long,
In this year, or one to come,
To him, let’s belong.

3.    The rule is from above;
It is not from human hands;
All the hour it stands.

4.    No one can change this;
Rejoice, oh heart, rejoice;
This time is my choice.

5.    On hills or on dells,
It was here that I was born;
There I conquered spells.

6.    Well, even all these,
Like Old Casablanca Blocs,
Sends Satan to locks.

7.    Satan is in chains;
Christ, a placard without stains,
Leaves his strength to drains!

8.    Poor Satan, therefore!
Wherefore thy stand, oh wherefore?
Lazed like time whore!

9.    All time whores are weak.
They grow in wealth, fall in health;
Thus, they fall in all.

10.  My good God, I beg;
Make me not dried like the Reg;
Like the summer erg.

Bubble 39: Peace Seed shall Grow.

1.    These peace seeds shall grow;
Like Shakespeare’s wits in the row,
Seeds for Christ to know.

2.    These seeds are peace seeds
To grow and swallow the weeds
For the newer meads.

3.    The meads is for all;
They are not for beasts alone;
Meads for stones, for fur.

4.    The rule is one rule;
All day man’s mouth says many:
Many is man’s hull.

5.    The rule must be one;
All times, man’s standard is much,
Weak like weakest mush.

6.    Oh me; oh mankind!
The how has come down indeed,
The hour of fair deed.

7.    When good deeds are done,
When evil deeds are foregone,
Satan becomes lone.

8.    Oh, me! It’s a rule!
It is an all time standard.
Christ is no coward!

9.    I Christ a coward?
As a cupboard of full strength,
He’s always in health.
10.  Health? Wealth? Is it wraith?
He’s health: be it as it may.
He is always health.

Bubble 40: Joy!

1.    The deed badly done,
It amounts to time of joy;
E’en in sad employ.

2.    Most vulnerable!
Cover me in peace alloy;
In days most humble.

3.    Most compromising,
The time is come for the change,
Hour to re-engage.

4.    A necessity!
It breeds new ability!
New civility.

5.    To Him be civil;
It’s a new Christology;
New Biology.

6.    A Biology?
Yes, yes, man, biological,
Is not new, really.

7.    With this fresh coming,
The world must get narrower,
Becoming fresher.

8.    Who is there like him?
When shall such come before us?
… to put man on course?

9.    Now, the deed is on.
Now, all the deed must be done.
Now, heaven is won.

10. When heaven is won,
New heaven must become Earth’s
Both as a haven!


Benshu, we have come;
With wet winter warm with wit.
In this lee I sit.

Benshu, we won’t wait;
When whips of summer woe weep,
Meet Christ from the deep.

Benshu, take your thanks;
Bit by bit by night, take all,
Till fair even-fall.

Benshu, it is true.
Day and night can’t say it well:
Gan-gan like the bell.

Benshu, oh, Benshu!
Who calls not you calls none
As long hours long prone.

Benshu, yes, Benshu!
Can I ever cease to be –
By you – or see you?

Benshu, view my heart
Laden with daily mantras
And sane samastras.

Benshu, view me not.
  The time, short; the time, weary;
Too late or early.

Benshu, the world, stanced,
All the time inoffensive,
Stakes a day to sieve.

Benshu, the hour is gone;
   And I must pay the homage,
Written on life’s page.

Benshu, we must talk.
   Benshu, we won’t say it all.
  Benshu, the hours call.

Benshu, the spring has come.
   Benshu, autumns are in array.
   They march much this day.

Benshu, takes the day.
     This is no day to vary:
               All is yours, really.

 Benshu, we have come.
Armed with wits borne of sane spring,
Kindly like lone king.